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Archive of Past Miller Productions

This ongoing database has been collecting information on Miller productions around the globe since 1999. There are only a few entries for each of the first few years, but as the internet made it easier to advertise and find productions, each year’s list has grown longer (as well as there being a growth in productions of Miller’s plays). The current year’s completed productions are here, and you can access tables listing previous years back to 1999 from the table at the bottom of the page. Note: An Enemy of the People is only listed where they are performing Miller’s translation of Ibsen’s play.

During 2018

  • A View From the Bridge 9-10 Feb. by Blue Curtain Productions in Clements Theatre, Clements High School, 4200 Elkins Road, Sugar Land, TX. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door for both performances. Visit for information.
  • The Crucible 6-10 Feb. by Ipswich based group, The Paper Lantern Theatre company in Headgate Theatre, Chapel Street North, Colchester, Essex, UK. Call 01206 366000 or check their Facebook page.

    The Crucible by Paper Lantern Theatre Company
  • The Crucible 9-11 Feb. by Center Stage Theatre, in Paramount Theatre, 139 South Center Street,
    Center Stage Theatre

    Historic Downtown Goldsboro, NC. Call (919) 583-8432 or check the website.

  • All My Sons 2-11 Feb. by Webster City Community Theatre, 1001 Willson Ave, Webster City, IA. Directed by Abby Sharp. Call (515) 832-4456 or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge a staged reading taking place at 2 p.m. Feb. 11 at Third Avenu Playhouse, Sturgeon Bay, Door County, MI. Directed by Alan Kopischke. Call 920-743-6578 for more information.

  • The Crucible 2-10 Feb. by University of South Carolina Department of Theatre and Dance, at Longstreet Theatre, 1300 Greene St., Columbia, SC. Directed by Robert Richmond, with Kimberly Braun, Gabriela Castillo, Kaleb Edley, Kim Gaughan, Libby Hawkins, Darrell Johnston, Nicolas Stewart, and Donavon St. Andre, David Neil Edwards, Olivia Hensley, Will Hollerung, John Romanski, Cassidy Spencer, Katrina Blanding, Hunter Boyle, Richard Calk III, Terrance Henderson, Jennifer Moody Sanchez, and Erica Tobolski. Set design by Randy Young. Call 803-777-2551 or check the website.

University of South Carolina
  • All My Sons 26 Jan.-11 Feb. by Niagara Regional Theatre Guild at the Ellicott Creek Playhouse, on the St. Edmund Campus, at 530 Ellicott Creek Road, Tonawanda, NY. Directed by Fran Newton, with
    Niagara Regional Theatre Guild

    Michael Breen, Louie Visone, Kunji Rey, Sarah Fratello, and Angelo Heimowitz. Call 716 260-2319 or visit the website.

  • Vu du pont (A View from the Bridge) 16 Jan.-10 Feb. by Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, on tour around
    Théâtre du Nouveau Monde

    Quebec, Canada. French translation by Maryse Warda. Directed by Lorraine Pintal, with François Papineau, Maude Guérin, Mylène St-Sauveur, Frédérick Bouffard and Maxime Le Flaguais. Call 514 866 8668 or check either their website or below for  places and dates: Mardi 16 janvier @ Trois-Rivières –Salle J. Antonio Thompson; Jeudi 18 janvier @ Drummondville – Maison des arts Desjardins; Mardi 23 janvier  @ Sherbrooke – Salle Maurice O’Bready; Jeudi 25 janvier @ Granby – Le Palace; Mardi30 janvier @ Laval – Salle André‑Mathieu; Vendredi 2 et samedi 3 février @ Gatineau – Maison de la culture; Samedi 10 février @ Rimouski – Salle Desjardins‑Telus.

  • All My Sons 11 Jan-11 Feb. Extended to 18 Feb. by Court Theatre, 5535 S. Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL. Directed by Charles Newell, with John Judd, Timothy Edward Kane, Kate Collins, Heidi Kettenring, and Dan Waller. Set design by John Culbert. Call (773) 753-4472 or check the website.

Court Theatre
The Price by Versus Theatre
  • The Price 19 Jan.–4 Feb. performed in Greek by Versus Theatre, in Theatro Ena, Limassol, Cyprus.Call 99-395970 or check their Facebook page.
  • Death of a Salesman 24 Jan-4 Feb. by Montana Shakespeare in the Park in MSU’s Black Box Theatre, 11th and Grant, Bozeman, MT. Directed by Kevin Asselin, with John Hosking, Joe Faifer and Miles Duffey. Call 888-509-1060 or check the website.

    Salesman by Montana Shakespeare in the Park
  • The Crucible 1-4 Feb. by Purple Door Productions, at A.D. Lewis Auditorium, 700 Roberts Ave.,
    Crucible by Purple Door

    Robeson Community College, Lumberton, NC. Directed by Jeanne Koonce, with Jon Davis, Amber Jensen, Wynona Oxendine, Elizabeth Ronson, Sarah Fox, Brittany Vadnais, Kallie Watts, Kayla Oxendine, Stanley Seay, Paul Wolverton, William Collier, Stacey Couey, Gary Clayton, Toni Lee, Zion McMillan and Jennifer Sell. Call 910-224-4000, or check their Facebook page.

    Gulfshore Playhouse
  • Death of a Salesman 26 Jan.-3 Feb. by Community Players of Salisbury in Guerrieri Hall, WorWic Community College, Salisbury, MD. Directed by Matt Bogden, with Darrell Mullins, Robin Mandelson, Mark Tyler, Matt Hatfield, Joe Emond, and Mike Murphy. Call 410-742-9186 or check the website.
  • The Price 13 Jan.-4 Feb. by Gulfshore Playhouse, The Norris Community Center, 755 8th Avenue South, Naples, FL. Directed by Kristen Coury, with Jeffrey Binder, David Whalen, Stuart Zagnit, and Marilee Talkington. Set design by Kristen Martino. Call (866) 811-4111 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 19 Jan.-3 Feb. by Hart House Theatre, 7 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada. Directed by Michael Rubinstein, with John Berrie, Melissa Taylor, Courtney Lamanna, Nina Rose Taylor, Koy Santillo, and Anthony Botelho. Scenic design by Chris Penna. Call 416.978.8849 or check the website.

    The Crucible by Hart House Theatre

    Scene design by Chris Penna
  • Death of a Salesman 18-28 Jan. by Nebraska Wesleyan University Theatre, in Miller Theater, 51st Street and Huntington Avenue, Lincoln, NE. Directed by Jack Parkhurst, with Chase Guthrie, Elle Thompson, Brady Vigness, Hunter McEachern, and Joe Hanson. Call 402-465-2384, or check the website.
  • An Enemy of the People 5-27 Jan. by Actors Ensemble of Berkeley, in Live Oak Theatre, 1301 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA. Directed by Michael R. Cohen, with Ann Barnett, Nate Bogner, Michael Callan, Pennell Chapin, Charlotte Curtin, Ron Dritz, Glenn Havlan, Paulette Herring, Bruce Kaplan, Elijah Benjamin Tiger Lajmer, Clementine Leonard, Madison Shlader, Randy Solomon, Julie Ann Valdez, Lisa Wang, Matthew Weinberg, David Weiner, Ian Wilcox, and Rachael Olliff Yang. Set design by Elena Childs. Call (510) 649-5999 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 12-21 Jan. by Ponca Playhouse, 301 S 1st St, Ponca City, OK. Directed by Emily
    The Crucible by Ponca Playhouse

    Rose  Parman, with Sean Rethmeier, Jennie Hinterreiter, Taryn Pruett, Matt Yonkers, Todd Stuart, Bubba Keltch, and Storm Fields. Call (580) 765-5360 or check the website.

  • All My Sons 17-20 Jan. by Giffnock Theatre Players, in Eastwood Theatre, Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock, Scotland, UK. Directed by Walter Paul. Call 07518201756 (Players) or 0141 577 4956 (Eastwood) or check the group’s website.
  • The Price 19 Jan. Staged reading by New Surry Theatre, at Blue Hill Town Hall Theater, 18 Union Street, Blue Hill, ME. Directed by Johannah Blackman, with Jon Ellsworth, Jim Fisher, Randall Simons and Lori Sitzabee. Call 207-200-4720 or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 4 Nov. 2017–28 Jan. 2018 in Greek by Satiriko Theatro at Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre, 11-15 Vladimirios Kafkarides Street, Aglantzia, Nicosia, Cyprus. Directed by Stelios Kafkarides. Tel: 22-312940 or 22421609, or check the website.
A View from the Bridge in Cyprus

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