The Arthur Miller Society Podcast

The Arthur Miller Society Podcast was set up in the summer of 2020 by Dr. Ciarán Leinster and Dr. Ambika Singh. Intended to be a resource for school teachers, academics, casual theatregoers, and everyone in between, they featured interviews with scholars and educators; discussions of Miller productions and Miller-related media; and told some of the less well-known stories from the life of one of America’s greatest writers. Before stepping down, Drs. Leinster and Singh created seven episodes all of which can still be heard on the society’s Miller channel on YouTube. The society is looking for someone who might be willing to take over this project moving forward–please contact us at: arthurmillersociety@gmail.com.

Co-host Dr. Ciarán Leinster

Launching on 17 October 2020 in honor of Miller’s 105th birthday!

Co-host Dr. Ambika Singh

Episode 1, aired on 17th Oct. 2020, is an interview with Miller scholar, Dr. Sue Abbotson in which she talks about how she came to study Miller in the first place, but also her thoughts on Miller’s impact and importance, offers a few teaching tips, and discusses the worth of several of Miller’s later plays: LINK


Episode 2, aired on 8 Dec. 2020, is an interview with Miller scholar, Dr. Jan Balakian in which she talks about how she has adapted to teaching online in the age of Coronavirus, and different possible ways of approaching Miller in the classroom, as well as much, much more: LINK


Episode 3, aired on 20th Jan. 2021, is an interview with Geoff Elliott and Julia Rodriguez-Elliott, Producing Artistic Directors of A Noise Within, based in California. On 21 st Jan. their group performed a live read of Arthur Miller’s 1968 play The Price, with a live talkback. The chat was about the company’s origins, their founding goals, the particulars of producing a play for a recorded reading, and why The Price strikes such a personal note for so many people: LINK


Episode 4, aired on 3 March 2021, is an interview with Dr. Kate Egerton about Miller’s first film, The Misfits, released 60 years ago. They take a deep dive into the stories from the set, look at some of the most important scenes, try to re-assess the film without its legendary context, and discuss the impact this work had on Miller’s later life and work: LINK.



Episode 5, aired on 26 March 2021. Since March is Women’s History Month in the UK, the US, and Australia, this episode discusses Miller’s female characters. Scholar Jane K. Dominik talks about what critics and scholars may have missed when discussing Miller’s female characters, the impact of the women in his life on his writing, and the future possibilities when interpreting Miller’s plays. Miller generally focused on male protagonists, but with this conversation, we hope to complicate the traditional story somewhat – the power of early characters like Kate Keller and Linda Loman, the complexity of Lyman Felt’s wives in The Ride Down Mount Morgan, and the care and empathy with which Sylvia Gellburg is treated in Broken Glass all get discussed: LINK.

Episode 6, aired on 1 Oct. 2021. Prof. Ann C Hall discusses the relationship between Arthur Miller and Harold Pinter. These are two writers who are often seen as opposites (reserved and friendly vs. bombastic and passionate; realistic plays tinged with tragedy vs. silent, menacing Absurdist comedies) but in fact shared a long and deep friendship, as well as a vast mutual appreciation of the other’s work. Throughout the interview we discuss the similarities in their work, the importance of their shared Jewish heritage, and, naturally, the time they were both removed from the US Ambassador’s house in Turkey. LINK.

Episode 7, aired 14 Jan. 2022. Playwright Eleanor Burgess talks about her upcoming play, Wife of a Salesman. Imagined as “Death of a Salesman without the male characters,” this new work is an exciting re-examination of female gender roles, and how they have and haven’t changed since the release of Miller’s classic. The conversation ranges from the glorification of nastiness in media, to Burgess’ own shifting perceptions of Miller and his work. Wife of a Salesman runs from 3rd March to 3rd April at the Writers Theatre, Chicago. Find more information at the Writer’s Theatre websiteLINK.

Dedicated to promoting, expanding, and exploring the life and work of one of America’s greatest writers. Developed and produced by Dr. Ciarán Leinster (Ireland) and Dr. Ambika Singh (India), this podcast seeks to engage scholars, educators, students, and casual theatergoers alike.

With interest in Miller and his work remaining high throughout the world–near-constant productions of his plays, from amateur drama groups to Broadway and state-supported theaters; a steady flow of essays, articles, and dissertations that assess his work; never-ending interest in his second marriage; and perennial comparisons between the current political situation and The Crucible–combined with the recent changes in media and methods of communication, we believe this is the perfect way to engage a wider range of people than ever before.

Based on interviews with experts, scholars, practitioners, reviewers, and anyone else with a passion for discussing all things Miller, we want the podcast to be a resource for both students and educators, while also keeping listeners up-to-date with news of notable and interesting productions, and any other Miller-related news.

Finally, we also wish to tell some of the less-well-known stories from the life of this most public writer. Few people in the 20th century lived such a fascinating life, touching as it did on public issues from the Great Depression to the Iraq War, yet Miller is still largely defined by a narrow range of plays and events. By promoting Miller’s political activism, his non-fiction writing, his international travel, and some of his often-ignored personal experiences, we hope to create a wider interest in the aspects of his career that have been overlooked in favor of the more common narratives.

We welcome any and all assistance, including technological expertise, suggestions for topics, promotion, and anything else. Contact us at arthurmillersocietypodcast@gmail.com.
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