Volume 9   Numbers 1&2   Spring& Fall 2014
Before and After the Fall
  Jane K. Dominik
“Und ist ein Mensch gefallen”: After the Fall and The Magic Flute
Frank Bergmann
Miller, O’Neill, Moral Despair, and Tragedy
David Palmer
A Conversation with Pail Libin
Interviewed by Iskritsa Ognianova
Arthur Miller: Self and Tragedy
Transcript of the Arthur Miller Society Special Session
MLA Convention January 9, 2014
Miller in Brazil
Kevin Brixton
Teaching Notes
Susan Abbotson
83 Performance Reviews
  L. A. Theatre Works: The Arthur Miller Collection: The Man Who Had All the Luck, by Chrystana Dail and Marisa Andrews; All My Sons by David Smith; Death of a Salesman by Jon Tuttle; Death of a Salesman by Larry O’Brien; The Crucible by Anita Duneer; A View from the Bridge by Stephen Marino; After the Fall by Brenda Murphy; Incident at Vichy by Susan C. W. Abbotson; The Price by Jane K. Dominik; The Ride Down Mt. Morgan by Neal Hebert; Broken Glass by Kate Egerton.
Death of a Salesman by David Palmer
  Death of a Salesman by Joshua E. Polster
The Price by David Smith
A View from the Bridge by Chistopher Bigsby
A View from the Bridge by Philip Wissbeck
The Crucible by Claire Geitman
All My Sons by Peter Hays
The Crucible by Christopher Bigsby.
The Arthur Miller Society
A Letter from the Society President
Arthur Miller Centennial, ALA Call for Papers