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  • The Methuen Drama Student Editions of Miller’s plays, approved by the Arthur Miller Estate, have added The Ride Down Mt. Morgan edited by Toby Zinman (2017). Each volume contains the play and in depth notes for that play by a different Miller scholar. Other volumes previously published are: The Crucible, Death of a Salesman, All My Sons, A View from the Bridge, The Price, A Memory of Two Mondays, Broken Glass, After the Fall, and The Last Yankee.
  • Collected Essays: Arthur Miller (Penguin, 2016), edited by Susan C. W. Abbotson, in which selected abbotsonessaysessays have been grouped into subject areas that include general discussions of the theater (including tragedy), specific plays, and ones relating to specific socio-political concerns at home and abroad.

  • Joshua Polster’s Stages of Engagement: US Theatre and Performance 1898-1949 (Routledge, 2016) contains extensive discussions of The Crucible and Death of a Salesman.
  • Henry Bial’s Playing God: The Bible of the Broadway Stage (Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P, 2015). Contains discussion of The Creation of the World and Other Business, and offers an interesting assessment of why the play was so poorly received.
  • Dorothy Chansky’s Kitchen Sink Realisms: Domestic Labor, Dining, and Drama in American Theatre (University of Iowa Press, 2015). As part of their Studies in Theatre History and Culture series. Includes discussion of Death of a Salesman.nottage
  • A new Centennial edition of Arthur Miller’s Collected Plays edited by Lynn Nottage, from Penguin, October 2015. Contains 18 major full-length plays from The Man Who Had All the Luck to Resurrection Blues. Paperback. Penguin have also reissued most of Miller’s plays in single volumes with newly designed covers.
  • Arthur Miller features in Peter Dreier’s The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century: A Social Justice Hall of Fame (Nation Books, 2012). In honor of the centenary, Huffington Post printed his commentary on Miller (while sympathetic to Miller, not all of the details given are entirely accurate).roudane
  • Matthew Roudané has edited The Collected Essays of Arthur Miller London: Bloomsbury Methuen, 2015 (an amalgamation of all of the essays from Theater Essays and Echoes Down the Corridor organized chronologically with a new introduction).
  • The third volume of the Library of America series edited by Tony Kushner: Arthur Miller: Collected Plays 1987-2004: (Library of America #261) from April 2015: from Danger: Memory (1987) to Finishing the Picture (2004). It includes The Ride Down Mt. Morgan, The Last Yankee, Broken Glass, Mr. Peters’ Connections, and Resurrection Blues. Also The Golden Years, several shorter one-act plays and never-before-published early works and radio plays; and a selection of Miller’s prose reflections on his art, including: “On Screenwriting and Language” and “About Theatre Language.”  Hardback. You can now also buy the three volume set.marino
  • Stephen Marino, Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman / The Crucible: A Reader’s Guide to Essential Criticism will be published by Macmillan/Palgrave, 2015.
  • Andrew Sofer. Dark Matter: Invisibility in Drama, Theatre and Performance. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P, 2013, has a full chapter on Miller (chapter 5), concentrating on The Archbishop’s Ceiling, mapping the changes in Miller’s philosophy from Ibsenian morality (in After the Fall) to Foucaultian issues of power in the later play.
  • Kevin Riordan, “Salesman in Abu Dhabi: The Geopathology of Objects.” Modern Drama 57.3 (2014): 409-32. Interesting article that analyzes a production of Salesman in which certain characters are replaced by inanimate objects, such as Charlie by a rolling refrigerator door; The Woman, a table fan; and Happy a black punching bag on a movable frame!
  • Richard D. Meyer. Making the Fall. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013. With the permission of Kazan, Meyer spent a sabbatical recording what went on during the first year of the Lincoln Repertory Theater. Included are verbatim conversations between Miller, Kazan, and the cast of their first production: After the Fall. The book also includes never-before-published excerpts from Kazan’s personal notes and letters.
  • Intertextuality in American Drama: Critical Essays on Eugene O’Neill, Susan Glaspell, Thonton Wilder, Arthur Miller and Other Playwrights. Eds. Drew Eisenhauer and Brenda Murphy. North Carolina and London: MacFarland, 2013. Contains two new essays on Miller.bratercollmethuen
  • A Student Handbook to the Plays of Arthur Miller: All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, A View from the Bridge, Broken Glass. Ed. Enoch Brater. London: Methuen, Nov. 2013 This contains notes created for the title plays by an assortment of leading Miller scholars, but not the plays themselves.
  • Timebends: A Life.  Miller’s wonderful 1978 autobiography was reissued by Grove Press in 2013 as both a paperback and in a Kindle edition.
  • Barry Paris, ed. Stella Adler On America’s Master Playwrights. New York: Vintage, 2012. Contains two chapters on Miller: Death of a Salesman (325-337) and After the Fall (338-356).