Ninth AMS Conference

Ninth International Conference at St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY, April 23-24, 2004: “Arthur Miller: The Man Who Had All the Luck.”

Keynote Address:

Christopher Bigsby, University of East Anglia. 

Followed by A Conversation with Arthur Miller, moderated by Christopher Bigsby. 

Papers presented:

Jeffrey Mason, University of Oregon, “Arthur Miller from Crisis to Negotiation.” 

Lew Livesay, St. Peter’s College, “A Phenomenological Reading of Neurotic Snares in Death of a Salesman and The Archbishop’s Ceiling.” 

Paula Langteau, Nicolet College, “Versions of The Man Who Had All the Luck.” 

Matthew Roudané, Georgia State University, “Chaikin and Miller.” 

Jane Dominik, San Joaquin Delta College, “Music in Miller’s Drama.” 

Anne Heintz, Victorian College of the Arts, “The Crucible in Australia.” 

Mark Shipman, Tarleton State University, “Biff the Cowboy.”

Stephen Marino, St. Francis College, “Arthur Miller’s Yoknapatawpha” 

George Castellitto, Felician College, “A.R. Ammons and Arthur Miller: Unexpected Metaphysical Connections.” 

Nicole DeSapio, George Mason University, “Henrik Ibsen and Arthur Miller as Poetic Realists: A Comparison of The Master Builder and Rosmersholm with Death of a Salesman and All My Sons.” 

Will Smith, Drew University, “From Poplar to Plywood: Reading the Origins of Miller’s Wood Trope in All My Sons.” 

Mark Whittemore, Purdue University, “The Crucible as Protest Literature.” 

Kimberley Jenkins, Thomas A. Edison High School, “Using Language to Take a Stand: Arthur Miller and the Literary Features of His Journalism Prose.”

Other Activities: 
Student session chaired by Stephen Marino, St. Francis College and Nicholas Paccione, St. Francis Preparatory School 
High School Section: Perspectives on Death of a Salesman, Students from St. Francis Prep.

Meeting of the Arthur Miller Society

Tour of Arthur Miller’s Brooklyn Heights residences.