Fifth AMS Conference

Fifth International Conference at St. Francis College, Brooklyn, April 16-17, 1999:
“The Salesman Has a Birthday: Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Death of a Salesman”

Keynote Speaker:

Christopher Bigsby, “Arthur Miller: Time Traveller.”

Papers Presented:

Matthew Roudané, “Celebrating Salesman.” 

Peter Levine, “‘Attention Must Be Paid’: Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman and the American Century.” 

Steven Centola, “‘The Condition of Tension’: Unity of Opposites as Dramatic Form and Vision in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman.”

Janet Balakian, “Beyond the Male Locker-Room: Death of a Salesman from a Feminist Perspective.” 

Heather Callow, “Masculine and Feminine in Death of a Salesman.”

George P.  Castellitto, “Willy Loman: The Tension between Marxism and Capitalism.” 

Lewis Livesay, “Willy’s Mystified Failure to Attain Identity in Death of a Salesman.” 

Stephen Marino, “‘It’s Brooklyn, I know, but we hunt, too’: The Image of the Borough in Death of a Salesman.” 

Susan C. W. Abbotson, “From Loman to Lyman: The Salesman Forty Years On.” 

Brenda Murphy, “Salesman at 50: The 1999 Broadway Production.”

Jane Dominik, “Absent Characters in Miller’s Drama.” 

Kate Egerton, “‘Getting Sorry’: Truth and Alcohol in The Archbishop’s Ceiling.” 

Herb Goldstein, “Hap Loman’s Evolution into Lyman Felt.”

Participants also attended the Broadway anniversary revival of Death of a Salesman.

A number of the conference’s papers were collected and published by Stephen Marino in The Salesman Has a Birthday: Essays Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Death of a Salesman  (University Press of America, 2000).