Eighth AMS Conference

Eighth International Conference at Nicolet College, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, October 3-4, 2003: “Miller and Middle America”

Keynote Speaker:

Christopher Bigsby: “Listening to America.”

Panels presented:

The American Ideal: Cracks Beneath the Surface
Stephen Marino: “Physician Heal Thyself: Arthur Miller’s Portrayal of Doctors.”
Carlos Campo: “Miller, Marriage, and Middle America: An Uneasy Embrace.”
Katherine L. Basham: “‘Faith-in-Life’ in Three Arthur Miller Plays and in His Non-Fiction Prose.”

American Realities: Memory, Perceptions and Posturing
Ashis Sengupta: “The Late Plays of Arthur Miller: Problematizing the Real”
Susan C.W. Abbotson: “The Dangers of Memory in Arthur Miller’s ‘I Can’t Remember Anything.'”
Paula Langteau: “A Lethal Legacy of Liberal Posturing in Arthur Miller’s ‘Clara.'”

American Landscapes: Urban and Rural in Word and Image
George Castellitto: “Arthur Miller and the Language of Middle America.”
William Smith: “Figuring our Past and Present in Wood: Wood Imagery in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and Death of a Salesman.
William Smith:  “Damn Yankee! Leroy Hamilton Crafts Wood with Passion and Honesty, But Who in Modern America Cares?”

Miller and the American Historical Experience
Lew Livesay: “Hegemony, Hatred, and the Scapegoat Mechanism in The Crucible and Playing for Time.
Frank Bergmann: “‘Somewhere down deep where the sources are’: Traces of the Snyder/Gray Murder Trial of 1927 in Death of a Salesman?”
Kimberley Jenkins: “Discussing A View from the Bridge and Arthur Miller in a Post-9/11 World.”

Middle American Repression of Select Miller Women
Nicole Whitman: “Linda Loman: Reading Between the Lines.”

A Student Roundtable Discussion on women in Death of a Salesman and The Crucible, moderated by  Katharine MacKenzie of Cooper School, with Nicolet College Students: Kristin Bassett, Christy Biermier, Trish Goverville, Shandra Hubertus, Mary Kay Mullins, Melissa Schallock, & Martha Walentowski.

Closing Address:

Steven R. Centola: “Arthur Miller: Guardian of the Dream of America.”

Other Activities: Participants also attended a preview performance of The Last Yankee, performed by the Nicolet Players, and a talk-back session with director and cast following the play.  The short film The Reason Why was also shown.