Centennial Conference

Centennial International Conference at St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY, October 16-18, 2015.

Keynote Address:

Christopher Bigsby, University of East Anglia  “Performance and Arthur Miller”

Panels Presented: 

Miller’s Guiding Principles                                                                        
Brenda Murphy, University of Connecticut, “Situation Normal… and the Transformation of Arthur Miller.”
Joshua Polster, Emerson College, “Arthur Miller and his Theatre of Engagement.”
Sylvia Kasey Marks, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, “I Don’t Need You Any More: The Past in Arthur Miller’s Fiction.”

Global Miller I
Barbara L. Allen and Jerome J. LaBatte, Ohio Dominican University, “Through Unbiased Eyes: Arthur Miller and Inge Morath’s Collaborative Study Of Foreign Cultures.”
Stephen Macauley, University of Utah, “A West African Reading of Arthur Miller.”
Nicole De Sapio, Independent Scholar, “The Humanities amidst Inhumanity: Incident at Vichy and The Pianist.”

Intersections of Form and Philosophy
Frank Bergmann, Utica College, “The Creation of the World and Other Business: Archetype and the Rhythm of Decorum.”
Peter Costello, Providence College, “Miller’s Resurrection Blues: On Repetition, Textuality, and Action.”
Ewerton Silva De Oliveira, University of São Paulo, “Arthur Miller’s The American Clock: Two Versions, Some Differences.”

Masculine and Feminine at Odds
Claire Gleitman, Ithaca College, “’The guy ain’t right’”: Delimiting Masculinity in Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge.
Stefani Koorey, Independent Scholar, “Arthur Miller Unzipped.”
Patricia Rossi, Independent Scholar, “The Subtle Threads of Arthur Miller –An Analysis of the Feminine Portrayal.”

Comparative Approaches
Ann C. Hall, Ohio Dominican University, “The Times They are A Changin’: Arthur Miller, Harold Pinter, and Politics.”
Eliot White, Millersville University, “‘We Who Are Without Kings’: Reframing Dialogic Interplay Between August Wilson’s Fences and Arthur Miller’s Death of A Salesman.
Brian Reinking, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, “Turpentine Still
Dwayne David Paul, Saint Peter’s University, “Razing Sites of Memory and Recalling their Past: Rereading Miller’s The Price through the .Lens of Gentrified Brooklyn”

Perspectives on Death of a Salesman
Peter Hays, University of California, Davis, “Salesman as Rorschach.”
Brian Mazeski, Stony Brook University, “Sea Imagery in Death of a Salesman.
George Monteiro, Brown University, “Football, Gold, and Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman.

Cognitive Cultural Studies Approach to Analysis of Miller’s Plays
Bruce McConachie, University of Pittsburgh, “Conceptual Blending and Day-Lewis’s Proctor in The Crucible.”
Patrick Colm Hogan, University of Connecticut, “Simulation and the Structure of Emotional Memory: Learning from After the Fall.
David Palmer, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, “From the First Yankees to The Last Yankee: Narrative Brains, America’s Puritan Heritage, and Miller’s Conception of Tragedy.”

Heroes and Common Men; Myth and Reality
Richard Brucher, University of Maine, “Pragmatism and the Common Man.”
Garin Cycholl, University of Chicago, “’That world fallen to stones’: American Myth and Form in Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge.
Nilgun Anadolu-Okur, Temple University, “The Premise, the Dream and a Home of His Own: Arthur Miller’s Dramatic Genius in Death of a Salesman.

“The Crazy Kind of Forgiveness”
Matt Lorenz, Farmingdale State College, “’The lightning of my being’: The Byronic Struggle and Apotheosis of John Proctor.”
Paul Contino, Pepperdine University, “Nadryv in New York: Dostoevskian Lacerations in Arthur Miller’s The Price.
Lew Livesay, St. Peter’s University, “Arthur Miller’s The Misfits: The Rise and Fall of Manifest Destiny.”

Arthur Miller and Inge Morath: A 40 Year Partnership
Susan C. W. Abbotson, Rhode Island College, “Miller and Morath in Collaboration: In Russia, Chinese Encounters and In the Country.”
Claire Conceison, Duke University, “Miller in China”

Global Miller II
Timothy Dugan, St. Francis College, “Arthur Miller in Spanish and Italian Theatre”
Ramón Espejo, Universidad de Sevilla, “Death of a Salesman and Spanish Theatre”
Thiago Russo, University of São Paulo, “In the veins of Brazilian Theater runs an American Blood: Arthur Miller’s influence, plays and critical reception in Brazil”

Other events:

Joan Copeland in Performance, and staged reading of selections from The Price.

A Conversation with Louis Zorich

Staged Readings                                              
A View From the Bridge. World Premiere of Syrian/Muslim version. Directed by Brooke Ciardelli

All My Sons by “On the Verge”: The Readers Theatre Company at Ithaca College. Directed by Claire Gleitman

Panel Discussions:

“Incorporating Arthur Miller into Contemporary High School Curriculum Through His Plays, The Crucible, Death of a Salesman, and Incident at Vichy.
Participants: Shannon Hunt, Devani Roe, Myra Warne, and Ann C. Hall, Ohio Dominican University.

A Syrian View From the Bridge     
Moderator:  Stephen Marino, Saint Francis College
Follow-up discussion to staged reading, and Q& A with Brooke Ciardelli, Oscar Blutin, and actors.

A Walking Tour of Arthur Miller’s Brooklyn Heights’ Residences   
Conducted by Stephen Marino

Playwrights’ Panel
Moderator: Christopher Bigsby
The playwrights Emily Mann and Sheri Wilner discuss the influence of Arthur Miller, their own work, and the state of American drama. 

Discussion Group: “What Makes a Great American Playwright?”
Moderator: Janet Balakian, Kean University
With: Christopher Bigsby (University of East Anglia), Enoch Brater  (University of Michigan), Brenda Murphy (University of Connecticut), Susan Abbotson (Rhode Island College),, Jackson Bryer University of Maryland), Matthew Roudané (Georgia State University), Robert Dowling  (Central Connecticut State University), and Lincoln Konkle (The College of New Jersey).

Meeting of the Arthur Miller Society  
Concluding Forum:

“A Conversation with Enoch Brater”  University of Michigan