2016 productions

During 2016

Incident at Vichy in Iran
  • Incident at Vichy 27 Dec.-19 Jan., translated by Manijeh Mohamedi for the Peyvand Theater Group at the Iranshahr Theater, Torabi Street, Tehran, Iran. Directed by Manijeh Mohamedi, with Mohammad Eskandari, Mahvash Afsharpanah, Majid Jafari, Farnaz Rahnama, Mohammad Naderi, Houman Kiaee, Sam Kaboudvand, Mohammad Khodaverdi, Dariush Barzegar, Mehdi Mashhadi Kazemi and Ehsan Moradkhani. Call +98 21 8834 9365 or check the website.
  • A View From The Bridge 27 Dec-15 Jan by FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training, in the Cook fsu2016Theatre, Florida State University, 5555 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL. Directed by Andrei Malaev-Babel. Tuesday, December 27 at 7:30pm will be a special “Pay What You Can Performance,” before the official opening on Dec. 28th. Call 941.351.8000 / 800.361.8388 or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 2 Dec. 2016–8 Jan. 2017 by The Edge Theatre Company, 1560 Teller Street, (40 West Arts District), Lakewood, CO. Directed by John Ashton, with Rick Yaconis,  Abby Apple Boes, Amelia Corrada, Benjamin Cowhick, Jon Brown, and Kevin Hart. Call 303-232-0363 or check the website.

    A View from the Bridge by Edge Theatre Company
  • Death of a Salesman, during Dec. at Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal, M.P. India. Directed by Ashish Shrivastava, with Alok Chatterjee, Mahua Chatterjee, Dinesh Nair, Rahul Tiwari, Raheev Shrivastava, Vivek Savrikar, Bhawana Shrivastava, Ramesh Ahire, Vivek, and Prakash Manju. Call +91 755 266 0239 or check the website for more information.
  • The Crucible 9-19 Dec. by Theatre Coup d’Etat in Zion Lutheran Church, 1697 Lafond Av., Saint Paul, MN. Directed by Brian Joyce, with Jamie White Jachimiec, James Napoleon Stone, Kaylyn Forkey, Kevin Fanshaw, and Charles Numrich. Staged in the church with no additional scenery! Get tickets through brown paper tickets, just search on the event.

    The Crucible by Theatre Coup d’Etat
  • An Enemy of the People 3-11 Dec. by Studio Theatre, 141 S. Wellwood Ave. Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY. Directed by David Dubin, with Angelo DiBiase, Ravi Tawney, Dan Sheffield, Dean
    Enemy of the People by Studio Theatre

    Schildkraut, Gail Merzer Behrens, Jules Jacobs and K.D. Guadagno. Call 631-226-8400 or check the website.

  • The Crucible 8-10 Dec. will be the Wells Cathedral School senior school production in Cedars Hall, Wells Cathedral School, The Liberty, Wells, Somerset, UK. Go to their website for a short trailer and to book tickets.
  • All My Sons 6-10 Dec.-by Oxford Theatre Guild at Oxford’s Old Fire Station, Oxford, UK. Directed by Richard Readshaw, with Joe Kenneway, Gloria Wright, Max Windich, Catherine Woolley, and Peter Sheward. Call 01865 263990 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 18 Nov.–3 Dec. by Langham Court Theatre, 805 Langham Crt, Victoria, Canada.
    The Crucible by Langham CourtTheatre

    Directed by David MacPherson, with Alex Judd, Elena M. Kellis, Sarah Newton, Michael Bell, and Kenneth Yvorchuk. Set design by Anna Swannell. Call +1 250-384-2142 or check the website.

  • A View from a Bridge 18 Nov.-3 Dec. in Eisenhower Theater, Kennedy Center, 2700 F Street, NW Washington DC. A touring production by the Centre Theatre Group of Los Angeles, directed by Ivo van Hove, with Danny Binstock, Catherine Combs, Alex Esola, Andrus Nichols, Howard W. Overshown, Dave Register, Thomas Jay Ryan and Frederick Weller. Call: (202) 467-4600 or toll free (800) 444-1324, or check the website.
Scenes from A View from the Bridge, directed by Ivo Van Hove (touring production)
viewhove2016 viewhove2016alexesolaanddaveregister viewhove2016d
  • Death of a Salesman 5-27 Nov. by Harrisburg Shakespeare Company on the Select
    Randolph College

    Medical Mainstage at the New Gamut Theatre, 15 N. 4th Street, Harrisburg, NY. Directed by Thomas Weaver, with J. Clark Nicholson, Sharia Benn, Sean Adams, and Aaron Bomar. Call 717-238-4111 or check the website.

  • All My Sons 17-21 Nov. by Randolph College, 2500 Rivermont Ave, Lynchburg, VA. Directed by Tim Sailer. Call (434) 947-8562 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 26 Oct.-13 Nov. by Arkansas Repertory Theatre, 601 Main Street, Little Rock, AK. Directed by Paul Barnes, with Stephanie Lanbourn and Gracyn Mix. Call (501) 378-0405 or check the website.

    The Crucible by Arkansas Repertory Theatre
  • All My Sons 17-20 Nov. at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh as part of their Wayward World season, in the Fredric March Theatre. Directed by Richard Kalinoski. Call (920) 424-4417 or check the website for more information.
    The Crucible by Denton Community Theatre
  • The Crucible 11-20 Nov. by Denton Community Theatre, in Campus Theatre, 214 W. Hickory St., Denton, TX. Directed by Bryan Patrick, with Brittany Fowler, Dara Prati, Jake Smith, and Kerri Peters. Call 940.382.1915 or check the website.crucible2016brockville
  • The Crucible 17-19 Nov. by the Brockville Theatre Guild at Brockville Arts Centre, 235 King St West, Brockville, Ontario, Canada. Directed by Becky Bridger, with Chris Tucker, Stephanie Hutton VanderBaaren, and Michaelah Wales. Call 613-342-7122 or 1-877-342-7122, or check the website. (Production will also be entered into the Eastern Ontario Drama League competition).
  • After the Fall 10-20 Nov- by Mason City Community Theatre, 215 S. Delaware Ave., Mason City. Directed by James Eilders, with Philip Detrick,
    All My Sons by Elements Theatre Company

    Libby Cota, Jane Sappenfield, Andy Swyter, Matt Holub, Lorra Halliwell, Peyton Linden, James Eilders, Mary Rohne, Cindy Dahl, Aimee Lee, and Amber Balek-Lenius. Call 641-424-6424 or check the website.

      • All My Sons 11-20 Nov. by Elements Theatre Company at Paraclete House, 5 Bay View Drive, Orleans, MA. Directed by Joanna Weir Ouston, with Danielle Dwyer, Chris Kanaga, Ryan Winkles, Stephanie Haig, Peter Haig, and Brad Lussier. Scenic design by Peter Haig, Charity Spatzeck-Olsen, Mary Virginia Smith. Call 508-240-2400, or visit their website.
        Archbishop’s Ceiling by Next Stage
      • The Archbishop’s Ceiling 10-20 Nov. by The Next Stage, at The State Theatre, 130 W. College Ave., State College, PA. Directed by Elaine Meder-Wilgus with Tom McClary, Regina Brannen Patrick Brannen, and Lyn Freymiller. (Production features no Irina, and an edited text). Call 814.272.0606 or check the website.
      • All My Sons 11-20 Nov. by Temple Civic Theatre, 2413 South 13th St., Temple, TX. Directed by Leon Perkins, with Sam Wilds, Suzanne Wohleb, Prescott Hersey, Marissa Hunt, and Daniel Bodhi Chapin. Call (254) 778-4751 Ext. 1, or check the website.
  • All My Sons 9-12 Nov. by Shropshire Dramatic Company, in Walker Theatre, at Theatre Severn,
    Shropshire Drama Company

    Frankwell Quay, sons2016eliteShrewsbury, Shropshire, UK. Directed by Rosalind Garrard, with Helen Bryant and David Wright. Call 01743 281281 or check the website.

  • All My Sons 14 Oct-13 Nov. by Elite Theater Company, Main stage, 2731 S. Victoria Ave, Fisherman’s Wharf, Oxnard, CA. Directed by Brian Robert Harris with Jim Seerden, Theresa Secor, Allen Gardner, Kelly Whitaker, Scott Blanchard, Jolyn Johnson, Mike Gerbi, Eric Mello, Sarah Boughton and Wesley Umali.. Set design by John Eslick and Will Shupe. Call 805 483 5118 or check the website.
All My Sons by Tred Avon Players
    • All My Sons 20 Oct.-6 Nov. by Tred Avon Players (TAP), 300 Oxford Road (Oxford Community
      Odessa College

      Center), Oxford, MD. Directed by Ed Langrell, with Zack Schlag, and Chrissie Barr, Call 410 226 0061 or check the website.

      Firehouse Theatre Company
    • The Crucible 3-5 Nov. by Odessa College Theater in Globe Theater, 2308 Shakespeare Road, Odessa, TX. Directed by Mark Kolokoff, with Breanna Cararsco and Blake Rogers. Check the website for more details.
    • The Crucible. Call 8 Oct.-5 Nov. by Firehouse Theatre Company at John Hand Theater/Colorado Free
      The Crucible by Firehouse Theatre Company

      University, 7653 East First Place, Lowry, CO. Directed by Peter J. Hughes, with Jeff Jesmer, Julie Kaye Wolfe, Lisa Kraai, Daniel Langhoff, Carolyn Lohr, David Fletcher, and Christian Munck. Call 303-562-3232 or check the website.

    • The Ride Down Mt. Morgan 28 Oct.-6 Nov. by Seneca Community Players, Seneca Falls, NY. Directed by Jamie Bruno. Call 315.568.9364 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 7 Oct.-6 Nov. by Pewter Plough Players, at Pewter Plough Playhouse, 824 Main St, Cambria, CA. Directed by Gene Strohl, with Tim Linzey, Joyce Calderone, Micah Anthes, Libby Parker, Justin Wessel, Janice Peters, Gabriel Ortiz, Tracy Mayfield, Randall C. Lyon and Rayna Ortiz. Call 805 927-3877 or check the website.

    All My Sons by Pewter Plough Players
  • The Crucible 19 Oct.-6 Nov. by Playmakers Repertory Company at University of North Carolina, College of Arts and Sciences,
Center for Dramatic Art
, Chapel Hill, NC. Directed by Desdemona Chiang, with Ariel Shafir, Sarita Ocón, Allison Altman, Jim Moscater, Christine Mirzayan, Jeffrey Blair Cornell, and Schuyler Scott Mastain. Performed in the round. Set design by Narelle Sissons. Call  919.962.7529 or check the website.

    The Crucible by Playmakers Repertory Company
  • The Crucible 30 Oct.-4 Nov. by Castle Theatre Company, in the Norman Chapel, Durham Castle, England.. Directed by Owen Sparkes with Eleanor Hartland, Freddie Parsons, Theodore Holt-Bailey, Tevin Muendo and Ned Campbell. Tickets for sale online or check their website.
  • The Crucible 27-31 Oct. by Sam Bass Community Theatre, 600 North Lee Street, Round Rock, TX. Directed by Olin Meadows. Call 512-244-0440 or check the website.
    The Price by Theatre Artists Studio
    price2016phoenix2 price3
  • The Price 14-30 Oct. by Theatre Artists Studio, 4848 E. Cactus Road, Suite 406, Phoenix, AZ. Directed by William Partlan with Walt Pedano, Steven Mastroieni, Judy Lebeau, and Alan Austin. Call 602-765-0120 or check the website.
    After the Fall at UNC
  • After the Fall 22-29th Oct. by UNC School of the Arts, in Catawba Theatre, University of North Carolina, NC. Directed by Carl Forsman, with Cody Robinson, Kelsey Buterbaugh, Lori Kusatzky, Emma Factor, Stephen Lee Kime and Spencer Bang. Set design by Bland Wade. Call or 336-721-1945 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 21-29 Oct. by Menomonie Theater Guild, in Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, Menomonie, WI. Directed by Katie Shay. Call 715/231-PLAY (7529) or check the website.

    The Crucible by Kindling Collective
      • The Crucible 28-30 October by Kindling Collective, at The Attic Arts Hub, 1402 Queen Street East, East End, Toronto, Canada. (Includes portions of text from Maryse Conde’s I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem, allowing Tituba to tell the story from her perspective). Tickets can be purchased online or in cash at the door.
      • Death of a Salesman 14-23 Oct. by The Stage Company, at Varsity Center for the
        Death of a Salesman by The Stage Company

        Arts, 418 S Illinois Ave, Carbondale, IL. Directed by Eric Billingsley, with Ryan Patrick, Jo Ann Hensley, Jeremy Osinga, and Brandyn McGhee. Call (618) 549-3465 (their regular website appears not to be working), but you can check them out on Facebook, and you can order tickets online from here.

      • All My Sons 19-22 Oct by Wargrave Theatre Workshop at Woodclyffe Hall, High Street, Wargrave (near Reading), UK. Directed by Joe Haynes, with Clive Dow, Grace Tye, Alex Hobbs, Jill Sikkins, Joe Gonzales, and Mike Watt. Set design by Sheila Williams. Call 0118 940 3962 or check the website.
      • The Ride Down Mt. Morgan 7-23 Oct. by Oldcastle Theatre
        Nigel Gore as Lyman Felt in The Ride Down Mt. Morgan

        Company, 31 Main St., Bennington, VT. Directed by Eric Peterson, with Nigel Gore, Katrina Ferguson, Hannah Heller, Richard Howe, and Ana Anderson. Call 802-447-0564 or check the website.

      • Death of a Salesman 28 Sept.-2 Oct by Missouri University Theatre Department in the Rhynsburger Theatre, 129 Fine Arts Building, Columbia, MO. Directed by Dr. Suzanne
        The Price by Jarrott Productions

        Burgoyne. Call (573) 882-PLAY (7529) or check the website.

      • The Price 28 Sept.-22 Oct. by Jarrott Productions and Trinity Street Players, at Trinity Street Theatre, Black Box Theatre, pricejarrott4th floor, First Baptist Church, 901 Trinity Street, Austin, TX. Directed by Fritz Ketchum, with Scott Galbreath, Amanda Cooley Davis Wischkaemper, Rick Smith and David Jarrott. Set design by Desiderio Roybal. Check the website for more information.
salesman2016yellowtree2 salesamnyellowtree

Death of a Salesman by Yellow Tree Theatre
  • Death of a Salesman 15 Sept.-16 Oct. by Yellow Tree Theatre, 320 5th Av. SE., Osseo, MN. Directed by Craig Johnson, with Patrick Coyle, Jason Peterson, Laura Esping, and Patrick O’Brien. Set design by Michael Hoover. Call 763-493-8733 or check the website.
    A View from the Bridge by Workshop Players

    Workshop Players
  • A View from the Bridge, 7-9 Oct., by Workshop Players at Lionel Wendt Theatre, Guildford Cres., Colombo. Sri Lanka. Directed by Jerome L. De Silva, with Kanishka Herat, Dinushka Jayawickreme, Mayanthi De Silva, Lihan Mendis, Rehan Amaratunga, Joshua Joseph, and Alfieri is split between Dino Corera and Anuk De Silva. Call +94 11 2 695794, or check the website.
  • The Crucible 28 Sept.-16 Oct. at Clarence Brown Theatre’s Carousel Theatre, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. Directed by Calvin MacLean, with Grant Goodman, Jenny McKnight, David Brian Alley, Gracie Belt, Lauren Pennline, Terry Weber, and Roderick Peeples. Scene design by Ron Keller. The Talk Back with the cast will take place Sunday, Sept. 9, following the matinee and the Open Captioned performance is Sunday, Sept. 16 at 2 p.m. A panel discussion about the impact of the play upon political discussions during its time and today will take place after the Sunday, Sept. 16, matinee. Call (865) 656-4444 or check the website.

Death of a Salesman by Repertory Theater of Iowa
salesmaniowac salesamniowab
  • The Price 29 Sept. -1 Oct. by Cardiff Players, at the Mike Barlow YMCA Theatre, The Walk, Roath, Cardiff, Wales. Directed by Martyn Morgan, with Graham Perkins and Bradley J Channer, Check this website for tickets, or the theater group’s website for more information.
  • Death of a Salesman 23 Sept.-2 Oct. by Repertory Theater of Iowa, at Des Moines Social Club’s Kum & Go Theater, 9th and Cherry St., Des Moines, IA. Directed by Brad Dell, with Mark Gruber, Kerry Skram, Benjamin Sheridan and Thomas Gill. Call 515-244-2771  or check the website.pricewimslowgreenroom2016
  • The Price 8-15 Oct. by Wilmslow Green Room, 85 Chapel Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK. Directed by Mark Jephcott, with Ian Tyler, Clare Lewis, Mike Bullimore, and Martin Pritchard. Set design by Keith Cooney. Call 01625 540933 or check the website.
  • Danger Memory! 27 Sept.-15 Oct. by Nearly There Productions, at Theatro Technis, 26 dangertheatrotechnis2016Crowndale Rd, London (NW). Directed by Nathan Osgood, with Julian Bird, Anthony Taylor and Deborah Javor. Call 0333 666 3366 or check the website, or look on Facebook for more information.
  • Death of a Salesman 23 Sept.-2 Oct. by Stone’s Throw Dinner Theater, 2466 Old 66 Boulevard, Carthage, MO. Directed by Betsy Fleishaker, with Tom Brown, Michelle Jamison, Drew Girouard, and Clint Dodson. Younger actors play the roles of Biff and Happy as teenagers: Ian Ferguson and Garrett Dunn. Call 417-358-9665.
  • A View from the Bridge 23 Sept.-8 Oct. by California Repertory Company at Theatre Arts Building, CSULB South Campus, W. Campus Drive, California State University, Long Beach, CA. Directed by Jeff Paul, with Josh Nathan, Sky Paley, Kathleen Wilhoite, Julia Beaty, Brandan Pascal, and Anthony DeGregorio. Set design by Lindsay Maiorano. Call 562 985-5526 or visit the website.

    A View from the Bridge by California Repertory Company


  • A View From the Bridge 7 Sept.-16 Oct. by Center Theater Group at Ahmanson Theatre, at Los Angeles Music Center, 135 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Directed by Ivo van Hove, with Andrus Nichols, Danny Binstock, Howard W. Overshown, Dave Register, Catherine Combs, Alex Esola, Thomas Jay Ryan, and Frederick Weller. Set design by Jan Versweyveld. Call 213.972.4444 or check the website. This production will then move to the Kennedy Center, Washington DC, 18 Nov.-3 Dec.
  • The Crucible 9-18 Sept. by Murfreesboro Little Theatre, 702 Ewing Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN. Directed by Anderson Dodd. Call 615 893 9825 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 23-25 Sept. by Carroll County Community Theater, at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center, 251 Alabama St, Carrollton, GA. Directed by Cindi Winstead, with John Bessis and Ryanne Popken. Call (770) 838-1083 or check their Facebook page for more information.

    The Crucible by Carroll County Community Theater
    cruciblecarroll2016 cruciblecarroll2016b
  • All My Sons 25 Aug.-4 Sept. by Weston Playhouse 12 Park St, Weston, VT. Directed by Mary B. Robinson, with Molly Regan, David Wohl, Tim Rush, Elizabeth Morton, Davy Raphaely, Piper Goodeve, Gabriel Vaughan, Christopher Kelly, and Shannon Marie Sullivan. Scenic design by Jason Simms. As an American Masters production, All My Sons will include lectures, a statewide teachers workshop, school matinees, and a performance at the Flynn Center in Burlington, VT. Call 802.824.5288 (June to Sept.) or check the website.
    sonsweston2016d sonsweston2016c

    All My Sons by Weston Playhouse
  • Death of a Salesman (Toyt Fun a Seylsman) 31 Aug.-10 Sept., at Studio Theatre, Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040 Yonge St., Toronto, Canada. With Avi Hoffman. Call 855-985-2787 or check the website.

    ElegyLAdywKhalid Ahmad and Joshinder Chaggar.
    Elegy for a Lady Aug. by T2F with Khalid Ahmad and Joshinder Chaggar
  • Elegy for a Lady Aug. by T2F, in Karachi, Pakistan. With Khalid Ahmad and Joshinder Chaggar.

    All My Sons by All An Act Theatre
  • All My Sons 19 Aug-11 Sept. by All An Act Theatre, 652 W. 17th St, Erie, PA. Directed by Larry Lewis, with Larry Lewis, Cindy Willis, J. D. Mizikowski, Ray Steinbacher, Allison Mitchell, Wayne Gardner, Jennifer Maloney, Aimee Kast, Dave DiCola, and Jake Zimmerman. Call 814 450.8553 or check the website.
  • After the Fall 19 Aug.-3 Sept. by The Unknown Artists, The Complex, Dorie Theatre 6476 Santa Monica Blvd Hollwood, CA. Directed by John Ross Clark, with Meghan Allison, Christy Bell, Brett Chapin, John Ross Clark, Juliette Gao, Andy Hirsch, Jim McCaffree, Julia Mack, Skip Pipo, Kate Purnell, Azo Safo, and Heather Lynn Smith. Check the website for tickets.

    The Unknown Artists
  • The Crucible 6-20 Aug. by University of Adelaide Theatre Guild, Little Theatre, North Terrace Campus, Adelaide, South Australia. Directed by Geoff Brittain, with Kim Clark, Zoe Dibb, Steve Marvanek, and Ben Todd. Check the website for tickets and more detail.
  • All My Sons 5-21 Aug. by Hayward Arts Regional Theater (HART), in Fanmeyer Theatre, at 250 Pigeon St. in Waynesville, NC. Directed by Julie Kinter, with Steven Lloyd, Suzanne Tinsley, Adam Kampouris, Emily Crock, Hunter Henrickson, Mike Yow, Josh Merrell, Holly Cope, Ashley Huber and Mary Grace. Call (828) 456-6322 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 21 July-6 Aug. by Vokes Players, at Beatrice Herford’s Vokes Theatre, 97 Boston Post Road (Route 20), Wayland, MA. Directed by John Barrett. Call (508) 358-4034 or check the website.
  • The Crucible (Ward’s opera) 28 and 30 July by MMF Opera Institute at Miami Music Festival, Barry University, Miami, FL. Directed by David Carl Toulson, with Anthony Zoeller, Molly Burke, Corey McGee, Daniel Noone, Katti Jane Muschler, and Chelsea Seener. Conducted by Bradley Moore. Check website for more detail.

    Gatecrash Theatre
  • Broken Glass 22 July by A Noise Within, Pasadena, CA, followed by a post-show reception and meal. Part of a special weekend of staged readings of American plays, taking place on Friday, July 22, Saturday July 23, and Sunday July 24. Broken Glass will be directed by Alan Blumenfeld. Six plays various playwrights are presented as an extension of “Words Within,” A Noise Within’s popular ongoing annual series of free play readings by resident artists. Reservations are free and can be made online.
  • The Crucible 28-30 July by Gatecrash Theatre, Swindon Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Old Town, UK. Directed by Laura Barnes with Abi Stewart and Emily Kamp. Stage design by Anna Friend. Call 01793 524481 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 4 June-2 Oct.by American Players Theatre, for Play in the Woods, 5950 Golf Course Road, Spring Green, WI. Directed by Kenneth Albers, with Brian Mani, Tracy Michelle Arnold, Marcus Truschinski, and Casey Hoekstra. Scene design by Michael Ganio. Call 608-588-2361 or check the website.
    SalesmanAPT SalesmanAPT4

    Death of a Salesman by American Players Theatre
  • The Crucible (Ward’s opera) 23 July 23-27 Aug. at The Glimmerglass Festival, 7300 State Highway 80, Cooperstown, N.Y. Conducted by Nicole Paiement, and directed by Francesca Zambello, with Brian Mulligan, Jamie Barton, Jay Hunter Morris, and David Pittsinger. Scene design by Neil Patel. For more information or tickets, call the box office at (607) 547-2255 or check the website.

    The Crucible (Opera) at The Glimmerglass Festival
  • All My Sons 2-9 July by Lewes Little Theatre, Lancaster St, Lewes, Sussex, UK. Directed by Sandra Tomlinson, with David Morley, Jenny Lloyd Lyons, Melodie Gibson, and James Meikle. Call 01273 474826 or check the website.
  • Broken Glass 14 June-9 July 2017 by Theatre J, 1529 16th Street NW, Washington DC.
 Directed by Aaron Posner. Call (202) 518-9400 or check the website.

    Poster for No Villain at Trafalgar Studios
  • No Villain 14 June – 9 July at Trafalgar Studios 2, 14 Whitehall, London, UK. Directed by Sean Turner, with David Bromley, Nesba Crenshaw, Kenneth Jay, Stephen Omer, and George Turvey. Set design by Max Dorey. Call 0844 871 7632 or check the website. 100 seat theater.
  • All My Sons, 4 June-9 July by Sydney Theatre Company at Roslyn Packer Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Millers Point, NSW, Australia. Directed by Kip Williams, with John Howard and Robyn Nevin. Call +61 2 9250 1999 or check the website.
    sons sydney2016 sonssydneyb

    All My Sons by Sydney Theatre Company
  • Incident at Vichy 19 May-17 June at Soulpepper Theater, at the Young Center for Performing Arts, 50 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON, Canada. Directed by Alan Dilworth, with Kawa Ada, Oliver Dennis, Peter Fernandes, Dordon Hecht, Stuart Hughes, Diego Matamoros, and William Webster. Set design by Lorenzo Savoini. Call 416 866 8666, or check the website. This production of Incident at Vichy picked up the award at the Canadian Dora Mavor Moore Awards in 2017 for outstanding ensemble, an award that many view as meaning “second-best production.”

    Incident at Vichy by Soulpepper Theater
  • All My Sons 7-19 June by Theatre Raleigh, 2 East South Street, Raleigh, NC. With Michael Berry with Mitch Poulos, Charlie Brady, Julie Fishell, Meagan Chieppor, and Estes Tarver. Set design by Chris Bernier. Call 919.832.9997 or check the website.
  • The Price 20 May-26 June by Melbourne Civic Theatre, 817 E Strawbridge Ave, Melbourne, FL. Call (321) 723-6935 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 9 May-25 Sept. at Stratford Festival, in Tom Patterson Theatre, 55 Queen Street, Stratford, ON, Canada. Directed by Martha Henry, Joseph Ziegler, Lucy Peacock, Tim Campbell, Sarah Afful, Michael Blake, and Lanise Antoine Shelley and E.B. Smith. (N.B. Deevers and Baylisses are played by black actors). Set design my Douglas Paraschuk. Call 1 800 567 1600 or check their website for more details.
  • A View from the Bridge 28 May-19 June on The Western Stage in the Studio Theater, Hartnell College, 411 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA. Directed by Jeff McGrath, with David Norum, Cheryl Games, Mia Pak, Gabriel Alvizo, Nate Smith, and Jeffrey T. Heyer. Set designer David Parker.  Call 831-755-6816 or check the website.

    A View from a Bridge by The Western Stage
  • Death of a Salesman and A Streetcar Named Desire in rotating Rep. 6 April-12 June by Everyman Theater. Salesman is directed by Directed by Vincent M. Lancisi,  with Wil Love, Carl Schurr, Megan Anderson, Danny Gavigan, Beth Hylton, Bruce Randolph Nelson, and Deborah Hazlett. Call or check the website.
  • The Crucible 1 March (new date) previews, to open 7 April (until 17 July),Walter Kerr Theatre, 219 W 48th St, New York, NY. Produced by Scott Rudin. Directed by Ivo van Hove with Ben Whishaw, Sophie Okonedo, Saoirse Ronan, Ciarán Hinds, Jim Norton, Tavi Gevinson, Jason Butler Harner, and Bill Camp. Set design by Jan Versweyveld. Philip Glass to provide an original score. Call: (212) 307-4100 or check the website. “Unlike in the 1996 film adaptation and countless theatrical productions, traditional Puritan clothing has been replaced with private school uniforms. A gray classroom with a chalkboard that runs nearly the full length of the back wall slowly fills with drawings and words written or scribbled by characters to symbolically chronicle the buildup to the three-hour play’s climax. And the lighting, which oscillates between chilly, hospital white and warm oranges, visually magnifies the ever-present score by Philip Glass.”
    Ivo Van Hove’s Broadway production of The Crucible
  • Death of a Salesman 20 May-5 June by Parish Players, at the Eclipse Grange Theatre, 193 Academy Road, Thetford, VT. Directed by Ray Chapin with Mike Backman, Kay Morton, Noor Taher, and Sam Chapin. Call 802 785-4344, or check the website
  • All My Sons 28 May-5 June by Rogue Theater, Ephraim Village Hall, 9996 Water St. (Highway 42), Ephraim, WI. Directed by John Wilson, with Chris Weidenbacher, Chris Milton, Marcel Bruyere, Carrie Todd Counihan, and Ed DiMaio. Call 920-818-0816 or check their Facebook page.
  • Death of a Salesman 25 May-4 June by Cambrian Players, at Finlandia Hall on 314 Bay Street. Thunder Bay, ON, Canada Directed by Jim Hobson. Call +1 807-622-6753 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 28 April-29 May by Artswest Playhouse, 4711 California Ave SW Seattle, WA. Directed by Mathew Wright, with David Pichette, Eleanor Moseley, Drew Highlands, and Kyle Anton Johnson. Call (206) 938-0339 or check the website.

    New Venture Theatre
  • Broken Glass 12-21 May by New Venture Theatre, Bedford Place, Brighton, UK. Directed by Jerry Lyne, with Bob Ryder, Janice Jones, and Olivier Maigniez. Check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 7-22 May by Gallery Players, 1125 College Ave, Columbus, OH. Directed by Nancy Williams, with Richard Napoli, Nick Baldasare, Sonda Staley, Eliya Smith, Brian A. Palmer, and Mike Writtenberry. Call (614) 231-2731 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 13-22 May by Back Alley Production Mars Theater, 117 N. Chattanoo, Lafayette, GA. Call 7066212870 or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 30 April-22 May by Bergen County Players, 298 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell, NJ. Directed by Jacqueline McElroy-Poquette. Call (201) 261-4200 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 22 April-15 May by Williams Street Repertory, at Raue Center for the Arts, 26 N. Williams Street, Crystal Lake, IL. Directed by Richard Kuranda. Call 815.356.9212 or check the website.

    Death of a Salesman by Williams Street Repertory
  • Broken Glass 27 April-15 May by Morningside Players Theater, 100 La Salle St, New York, NY. Call (646) 200-5089 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 28 April-28 May by Magnetic Theatre Company 375 Depot St, River Arts District (RAD), Asheville, NC. Directed by Henry Williamson III, with Steven Samuels, Jane Hallstrom, Erik Moellering, and Allen Law. Set design by Chase Watkins. Call: (828) 239-9250 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 14 April-8 May by Hubbard Hall Theater Company, 25 E Main St, Cambridge, NY. Directed by Jeannine Haas, with David Snider, Ron Komora, Erin Ouellette, Catherine Seeley, Digby Baker-Porazinski, Lia Russell-Self (as Tituba and Danforth), and Christiana Roewer. Scenic design by Benjie White, lighting by Calvin Anderson. Call (518) 677-2495 or check the website
  • A View from the Bridge 29 April-8 May by Theatre Box, 35 Verbena Avenue, Floral Park, NY. Call Call (516) 900-2031 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 28 April-7 May by University Theatre at Angelo State University in the ASU Modular Theatre, in the Carr Education-Fine Arts Building, 2602 Dena Drive, San Angelo, TX. Directed by Bill Doll, with Abe Millar, Carlton “Buddy” Smith, Catie Anderson, Logan Burgess, Megan Croyle, Jaslyn Diaz, Miquela Hope Farley, Zack Fobbs, Mason Gable, Arianna Gonzalez, Dani Kim, Lizzy Lichtenstein, Aaron May, Luke Meyer, Andrea Perez, Bryce Real, Saxon Rhoad, Tristan Salinas, Jacob Scott, Taylor Sparkman and Callie Stenson. Call 325-942-2000 or 325-942-2146, or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 29 April-5 May by Roundhouse Theatre, Ecu Mount Lawley, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Perth, Australia. Directed by Lawrie Cullen-Tait, with Guiseppe Rotondella, Elle Mickel, Brittany Santariga, Joel Davies, Rory O’Keefe, and Lachlan Ruffy. Set design by Patrick Howe. Call +61 8 9370 6636 or check the website.

    A View from the Bridge by Roundhouse Theatre at WAAPA
  • No Villain 2 May Public Theater as part of its Public Forum Drama Club series at The Public Theater at 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY. With Santino Fontana, Judith Light, Peter Friedman, Alessandra Baldacchino, Francois Battiste, Dr. Enoch Brater, Brandon J. Dirden, Santino Fontana, Wendy C. Goldberg, Hugh Kennedy, James Surowiecki, Frank Wood. Call (212) 967-7555, or check online.
  • The Crucible 8-23 April by Boise Little Theater, 100 E Fort Street, Boise, ID. Directed by Frank White, with Joseph L. Stevenson, Maggie Schultz, Steve Martin, and Layne Taylor. Call (208) 342-5104 or check the website.

    Chuck Spencer, Jen Short and Matthew Klingler in Raven Theatre's "All My Sons"
    All My Sons by Raven Theatre
  • All My Sons 8-24 April by Raven Theatre. 115 North Street Healdsburg, CA. Directed by Carl Hamilton. Call 707-431-7790 ext. 11 or (707) 433-6335 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 19-23 April by Wisbech Players, at Angles Theatre, Wisbech, UK. Directed by David Lewis. Call 01945 474131 or check the website.
  • The Price 14-30 April by Germantown Community Theatre, 3037 Forest Hill Irene Rd, Germantown, TN. Call: (901) 453-7447 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 26-30 April by Southeast Alabama Community Theatre (SEACT) at the Cultural Arts Center, 909 S. St. Andrews St., Dothan, AL. Directed by J.E. Saliba, with Mark Allen Carter, Amber Uriel, John Coleman and Lee Strickland. Check the website for more information and tickets.
  • A View from the Bridge 26-30th April by Southend Drama Society, in Dixon Studio of the Palace Theatre, 430 London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, UK. Directed by Kay Banning and Bill Peel, with Bill Peel, Gemma Fiore, Sophie Docherty, Paul Jennings, Simon Jones, and Charlie Mellor. Call 01702 351135 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 8-16 April by Southwest Playhouse, N 6th St, Clinton, OK. Call (580) 323-4448 or check the website.
  • An Enemy of the People 8-16 April, by Ivy Tech Student Productions, Rose Firebay Theater, John Waldron Arts Center, 122 S Walnut St., Bloomington, IN. Directed by Paul Dail. Call (812) 323-3020 or check the box office website.

    Montana Repertory Theatre
  • All My Sons 22 Jan.- 16 April by Montana Repertory Theatre, as part of their winter national tour. Directed by Jere Hodgin, with Mike Boland, Laurien Dawn, Colton Swibold, and Meg Kiley Smith. Check the home website or their agent for more information.

    crucible portland
    The Crucible by Portland Players, Cullen Burke as Proctor
  • The Crucible 25 March-10 April by Portland Players, 420 Cottage Rd., South Portland, ME. Directed by Michael Donovan, with Cullen Burke, Kristen Riley, Amanda Mullen, Grace Foster, Alex Pratt, Kevin Reams, and Karl Livonius. Stage design by Michael Donovan, and lighting design by Jason Robinson. Call (207) 799-7337 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 4-20 March by Lakewood Theatre Company, 2211 Old Hickory Blvd., Old Hickory, TN. Directed by Michael Rex, with Doug Allen, Kathleen Jaffe, Ben Gregory, Andrea Coleman, and Daryl Ritchie. Call (615) 847-0934 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 15-19 March by Irving Stage Company at Theatre Royal, Westgate Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK. Directed by Nicholas Bennett, with Nic Metcalfe, Sian Couture, Faye Smith, Jeremy Warbrick and Anthony Sully. Call 01284 769505 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 11-20 March by Western Door Playhouse, at Niagara Arts and Culture Center, 1201 Pine, Portage Niagara Falls, NY. Call 716 297-5910 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 15-17 March by Phoenix Theatre Company, in Fountains Hall, Grey College, Durham University, 40 North Bailey, Durham, UK. Directed by Nicki Orrell, with Wilf Wort,  Dixi Taylor, Zac Tiplady, Darcy van Eerten. Call 07941663746  or check the website.
  • The Crucible 4-13 March  by Younts Center for Performing Arts, 315 N Main St, Fountain Inn, SC. Call (864) 409-1050 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 4-13 March by Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, 1 Lincoln Park, Midland, PA. Directed by Tom Schaller, with Jake Warren, Jackie Appel. Call 724.576.4644 or check the website.

    Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center
  • Death of a Salesman 3-13 March by Centerstage Lake Forest, 400 E Illinois Rd, Lake Forest, IL. Directed by Barbara Anderson. Call (847) 234-6062 or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 2-23 March by SUNY New Paltz, School of Performing Arts, 1 Hawk Drive, New Paltz, NY. Directed by Jack Wade. Call 845-257-3880 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 4-13 March by Playhouse in the Park, at 701 Gil Hopson Dr, Murray, KY. Directed by Marion Bradtke. Call:(270) 759-1752 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 26 Feb.-19 March by Center Point Legacy Theatre, 525 N 400 W, Centerville, UT. Call (801) 298-1302 or check the website.

    Death of a Salesman by Collective Face Theatre Ensemble
  • Death of a Salesman 26 Feb.-13 March by Collective Face Theatre Ensemble, at Muse Arts Warehouse, 703 Louisville Road, Savannah, GA. Directed by David I.L. Poole, with Eric Salles, Zachary Burke, Julie Kessler, Chris Stanley, Mark Rand, and Mike Moynihan. Call 912/ 232-0018 or check the website. (all characters remain on stage throughout to create a Greek chorus and 30 suitcases are used, substituting as furniture and props throughout).
  • Death of a Salesman 19 Feb.-13 March by Prospect Theater Project, 1214 K St, Modesto, CA. Directed by David Barbaree, with Jack Souza, : Jenni Abbott, Joel Morrison and Joshua Palafox. Call (209) 549-9341 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 2-5 March by Bebington Dramatic Society at Gladstone Theatre, Greendale Road, Port Sunlight, Wirral, UK. Call 0151 643 8757 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 18 Feb.-19 March by the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Directed by John Dove, with Philip Cairns, Irene Allan, Richard Conlon, Ron Donachie, Kirsty Mackay, Greg Powrie, and Meghan Tyler. Set design by Michael Taylor. Call +44 131 248 4848, or check the website.

    Set designs for The Crucible at Royal Lyceum Theatre
  • A View from the Bridge 3-13 March at Parker Theater by Department of Theatre Arts at SUNY at New Paltz, 1 Hawk Drive, New Paltz, NY.  Directed by Jack Wade, with Ciarra Fragaleas, Andres Rodriquez, and Olivia Whalen-Ripp. Call (845) 257-3880 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 25 Feb.-5 March by Theater Department, California State Polytechnic University, 1 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo, CA. Call 805-756-4TIX or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 19 Feb.-13 March by Lakewood Playhouse, 5729 Lakewood Towne Center Blvd SW, Tacoma, WA. Directed by James Venturini. Call (253) 588-0042 or check the website.

    Death of a Salesman by Lakewood Playhouse
  • The Crucible 3-6 March by Southern Oregon University’s Oregon Center for the Arts, South Mountain Street, Ashland, OR.  Call 541-552-6348 or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 18 Feb.-5 March by Wilsonville Theater Company, 27350 SW Stafford Rd, Wilsonville, OR. Directed by Terry D. Kester, with Kevin Martins. Zoe Niklas, Eva Bradford, Rayman Kirbys and Matt Sunderland. Feb. 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, and March 3, 4 and 5 at the Wilsonville Frog Pond Grange; Feb. 23 at Trudy’s Living Room in Wilsonville; Feb. 24 at the Charbonneau Country Club; March 2 at Meridian United Church of Christ in Wilsonville; and March 1 at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. All are open to the public except for the Coffee Creek show. Curtain goes up at 7:30, except at the Charbonneau venue, which starts at 7 p.m. Send e-mail or check the website.
  • All My Sons 25 Feb.-5 March by Southwest Baptist University Theatre in Davis-Newport Theater on the SBU campus, 1600 University Avenue, Bolivar, MO. Directed by Jonathan Wehmeyer. Set design by Abby Munton. Call 417 328-1691, or check the website.

    salesmanCurioGay Carducci-Kuhn and Paul Kuhn
    Death of a Salesman by Curio Theatre Company
  • Death of a Salesman 4 Feb.-5 March by Curio Theatre Company at 4740 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA. Directed by Dan Hodge, with Paul Kuhn, Gay Carducci-Kuhn, Aaron Kirkpatrick, Chase Byrd, Robert DaPonte, Colleen Hughes, and Brian McCann (doubling as Charlie and Ben). Set design by Steve Hungerford. Call: (215) 525-1350 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 24-28 Feb. by University of New Hampshire Theater, 30 Academic Way, Durham, NH. Call (603) 862-7222 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 19-28 Feb. by Lipscomb University with Blackbird Theater Company, in Shamblin Theatre, 3901 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN. Directed by Beki Baker, with Ross Bolen, Shannon Hoppe, Emily Meinerding, Sarah Zanotti, Sean Martin, Wes Driver, and Brian Webb Russell. Set design by Andy Bleiler. Call 615.966.7077 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 19-21 Feb. by Part and Parcel Theatre Productions, at The Cambridge Arts Theatre. Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Call +1 226-339-9994 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 12-21 Feb. by College of Fine Arts and Production, in Ethington Theatre, Grand Canyon University, 3300 West Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ. Directed by Claude Pensis, with Scott Campbell, Natalie Ward, and Jamie Coblentz. Call 602-639-8880 or check the website.
  • The Price (“Il prezzo”) 2-14 Feb. in Italian with a new translation by Masolino d’Amico (just published by Einaudi), at Piccolo Teatro (Strehler), Largo Greppi Antonio 1, Milan, Italy. Directed by Massimo Popolizio, who also plays Victor, and Umberto Orsini, Elia Shilton Walter, and Alvia Reale. Check website for ticket information.

    All My Sons by StagesTheatre
  • All My Sons 15 Jan.-21 Feb. by StagesTheatre, 400 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA. Directed by Joe Parrish, with Joe Parrish, Arlyn McDonald, Nate Ruleaux, Christi Pedigo and Zackary Salene. Stage design by Jon Gaw. Call (714) 525-4484 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 4-14 Feb. by Thalian Association, 120 S 2nd St, Wilmington, NC. Directed by Charles Grimes, with Jim Bowling, Elaine Nalee, Wilson Meredith and Josh Bailey.Call: (910) 251-1788 or check the website
  • A View from the Bridge 21 Oct. 2015-21 Feb. 2016. Directed by Ivo van Hove, with Mark Strong, Nicola Walker, Michael Gould, Michael Zegen, Phoebe Fox, Russell Tovey, and Luke Norris. Design and Light by Jan Versweyveld. Call 800 901 4092 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 3-6 Feb. by Playhouse of Wilson, 137 Goldsboro St S, Wilson, NC. Directed by Ray Shell. Call (252) 291-8951 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 22 Jan-7 Feb. by The Modern Theater Coeur d’Alene, 1320 E. Garden Ave., Coeur d’Alene, ID. Directed by Jadd Davis, with Tamara Schupman, Kim Berg, Billy Hultquist, and Aubrey Shimek Davis. Call 208-676-7529 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 27 Jan.-6 Feb. by Central Florida Community Arts, in Central Christian Church, 250 SW Ivanhoe Blvd., Orlando, FL. Directed by Donald Rupe. Call:(407) 937-1800 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 27 Jan.-7 Feb. by Wichita Community Theatre, 258 N Fountain St, Wichita, KS. Directed by Bill Coleman, with David Weills, Michele Irene Janssens, Dan E. Campbell, Bryan Welsby, Lewis D. Mize and Keith Boyer. Call (316) 686-1282, check the website, or their Facebook page.
  • All My Sons 22 January-7 February, by Oyster Mill Playhouse, 1001 Oyster Mill Road, Camp Hill, PA. Directed by Lewis Silverman, with Eddie Costic, Aliza Bardfield, Nicholas Webb, Elizabeth Petters, Sam Elsenhuth, Rob Allison, Dawn-Mitchell Lewis, David Solares, Miranda Baldys, and Ashur Carmen. Call 717-737-6768 or check the website.

    Peter Palmisano, left, Anthony Alcocer and Candice Kogut star in the Irish Classical Theatre Company's production of “All My Sons.
    All My Sons by Irish Classical Theatre
  • All My Sons 15 Jan.-7 Feb. by Irish Classical Theatre, 625 Main Street, Buffalo, NY. Directed by Greg Natale, with Peter Palmisano, Josie DiVincenzo, Anthony Alcocer, Candice Kogut, and Chris Kelly. Call (716) 853-ICTC or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 15-31 Jan. by Palo Alto Players, at the Lucie Stern Theater, 1305 Middlefield Rd # 1, Palo Alto, CA. Directed by Kristen Lo, with Tim Farrell, Gaye Richard, Paul Dunlap, Justin Brown, John Musgrave, Bill Jones, Todd Summers, Jen Ellington, Kristen Lo, Janine Evans and Brian Flegel. Set design by Janny Coté. Call (650) 329-0891 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 16-30 Jan. by Crescent Theater Company, in the Studio, Sheepcote Street, Brindleyplace, Birmingham, UK. Directed by Andrew Cowie, with Brendan Stanley, John O’Neill and Jack Robertson. Call 0121 643 5858 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 28-31 Jan. by Xclaim, Inc., 502 College St, Bowling Green, KY. Directed by Christopher H. Cherry, with Mike Nwanguma, Rachel McGinnis, Catherine Harris, Jaron Puckett, Carter Ford, Landon Lawrence, and Trudy ConnorsCall (502) 708-5739 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 15-24 Jan. by  Community Players Theatre, 201 Robinhood Ln, Bloomington, IL. Directed by Kayla Jo Pulliam, with Samuel James Willis, Hannah Artman, Vicky Snyder, Trisha Bagby, Tom Smith, Brian Artman, and Nathan Bottorff-Gaik. Set design by Chris Terven. Call:(309) 663-2121 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 15-23 Jan. by Clarksville Little Theatre, 301 E Montgomery Ave, Clarksville, IN. Directed by Kathi E. B. Ellis. Call (812) 283-6522 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 15-31 Jan. by New Hampshire Theatre Project, 959 Islington Street, Portsmouth NH. Directed by Genevieve Aichele, with Blair Hundertmark, Heather Glenn Wixson, Roland Goodbody,  Emily Karel, Helen Brock, Shawn Crapo, Alan Huisman, Teddi Kenick-Bailey, Rachel Prest, Dominique Salvacion, Kathleen Somssich, Paul Strand and Shay Willard. Set and lighting by Meghann Beauchamp. Call 603-431-6644 or check the website.
  • The Crucible by 21-30 Jan, by Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Company, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON. Check their Facebook page for more detail, or e-mail snbtheatre@gmail.com.

    The Crucible by Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Company
  • The Crucible 27-29 Jan. by Loughborough University’s Stage Society in Sir Robert Martin Hall Theatre, Ashby Road, Loughborough, Leiscestershire, UK. Check the website or e-mail: loughboroughstagesoc@gmail.com to reserve tickets.
  • All My Sons 7-17 Jan. by Riverwalk Theatre, 228 Museum Drive, Lansing, MI. Directed by Bob Robinson, with Michael Hays, Eve Davidson, Meghan Eldred, and Jeff Magnuson. Call 517 482 5700 or check the website.
  • Incident at Vichy 18 Nov.2015-extended to 10 Jan. 2016 by Redtwist Theatre, 1044 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. Chicago, IL. Directed by Ian Frank, with Michael Sherwin, Jerry Bloom, Matt Browning, Jim Morley, Tim Parker, and, Jeremy Trager. Set design Ian Frank. Call: 773-728-7529 or check the website.
  • No Villain  8 Dec. 2015-9 Jan. 2016 by The Old Red Lion Theatre, 418 St. John Street, Islington, London, UK (in association with the Miller Trust). Directed by Sean Turner, with Adam Harley, David Bromley, Nesba Crenshaw, Stephen Omer, Anton Cross, Kenneth Jay, George Turvey, and Helen Coles. Call 0844 412 4307 or check the website. The premier of Miller’s first ever play, written as a student at the University of Michigan.