2013 Productions

This is not an exhaustive list, but lists all of the productions that came to the attention of the Miller Society during this year. We list professional, semi-professional, community and college productions, but do not include High School productions.


  • Death of a Salesman 14-24 Nov. by SRO Theatre Company, Columbus Performing Arts Center, 529 Franklin Ave, Columbus, OH. Directed by Dee Shepherd, with Mark Mann, Josie Merkle, and Jay Hobson. Call: 614-258-9495, or check the website.

    PosterAllMySONS Darlinghurst2013
    Promotional Poster for All My Sons by Darlinghurst Theatre Company
  • All My Sons 1 Nov.-1 Dec. by Darlinghurst Theatre Company at the newly refurbished Eternity Playhouse in Sydney, Australia. Directed by Iain Sinclair, with Marshall Napier, Briallen Clarke, Robin Goldsworthy, Anthony Gooley, Andrew Henry, Angus Moore, Meredith Penman, Toni Scanlan, and Zac Ynfante. Designed by Luke Ede. Call (02) 8356 9987 or check the website.
  • darlinghurtSONS2103
    Scene from All My Sons by Darlinghurst Theatre Company

    The Price 7 Nov.-1 Dec. by Seven Angels Theater, 1 Plank Road, Historic Hamilton Park Pavilion, Waterbury, CT. Directed by Semina DeLaurentis, with Denise Walker, Charlie Kevin, Jon Krupp and Bruce Connelly. Call (203) 757-4676 or check the website.

  • After the Fall 14-30 Nov. by Oregon State University Theatre, on Main Stage, Withycombe Hall, OSU, Corvallis, OR. Directed by Elizabeth Helman, with Joseph Workman, Andy Atkinson, Bryanna Rainwater, Brian Greer, and Mitch Miller. Call 541 737 2853 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 28 -29 Nov. by The St Mark’s Players, St Mark’s Church Centre, Alma Road, Reigate, Surrey, UK. Call 01737 764504, or check the website.
  • I Can’t Remember Anything 8-24 Nov. (in an evening alongside Elaine May’s The Way of All Fish) as an Equity Member Project Code Production in association with Playworks, Theatre 9/12 and Women Seeking . . . A Theater Company West, Seattle, WA. Directed by Paul O’Connell David S. Klein, and Ruth McRee. Call 425 390 4584, reserve tickets online, or check out one of the websites of the participating groups for more information: Playworks, Theatre 9/12, Women Seeking.
  • The Crucible 14-24 Nov. by Alexander Showcase Theatre at the Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Directed by Vincenzo Sestito, with Patrick Brown, Andrea Brown, Seth Mukamal, Sharon Zehavi, Nina Mason, Matthew Jensen and Arnie Zweig. Call (416) 324-1259 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman (reading) 23 Nov. by the Blue Horse Repertory at Arts on the Lake, 640 Route 52, Lake Carmel Arts Center, Kent Lakes, NY. With Ed Kenney, Judy Allen, Elizabeth Breslin, Fred Rueck, James Shearwood, Ben Katagiri, David Cerutti, Nick Brigadier and Krista David. Call Cal 845-228-2685, or check the website.

    The Crucible by Emu Heights
  • The Crucible 15-23 November, by Emu Heights Productions at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith, NSW, Australia. Call 02 4723 7600 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 14-24 Nov. St. Bart’s Players, St. Bartholomew’s Church, 325 Park Ave., Manhattan, NY. Directed by Michael Joseph Ormond, with David Salyers, Rebekah Madebach, Katherine Weall, Joe Gambino, Dominic Paolillo, Marissa Ranalli, and Erich Werner. Call 212-378-0248 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 13-24 Nov. by University of Alabama, Wilson Theatre, 301 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, AL. Directed by David Harwell and Patricia Kiley, with Dorothy Weems, Sally Anderson and Chad Thomas. Call 256-824-6871 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 21-23 Nov. by Niles North Theatre Department in the Drama Performance Center, 9800 Lawler, Skokie, IL. Directed by Timothy Ortmann, with Nathan Selinger, Teresa Franks, Martin Wiviott, Simon Gebremedhin, Sabina Dzelilovic, Phil Klafta, Amy Hagedorn, Jaquelyn Shannon, Tommy Montgomery and Eric Simon. Scenic Designers, Nathan Selinger and Noah Zeidman. Call (847) 626-2122 or check the website. A free community performance will be held at 10 a.m. on Thursday, November 21.
  • The Crucible 14-17 Nov. by Corning Community College’s Muse of Fire Theatre, in Science Amphitheatre, located in the Science building on the Spencer Hill campus in Corning, NY. Directed by Director Mary Guzzy. Call (607) 962-9448.
  • All My Sons 25 Oct.-Nov. 17. by Eclectic Full Contact Theatre at the Athenaeum, 2936 N. Southport Avenue, Chicago, IL. Directed by David Belew, with David Elliot, Julie Partyka, Jeff Kurysz, Tracey Green, Pat Iven, Nancy Kolton, Kevin Webb, Amy Gorelow, Charlie Rasmann, Will Boyle, and Connor Boyle. Check the website for more information.
  • Death of a Salesman 1-17 Nov. by New London Theatre at “New London Plaza,” a part of Hello Again Variety Mall at 2338 Henry Clower Blvd. in Snellville, GA. Directed by Chase McElroy, with Brian Jones, Shannon V. Alexander, Andy Fritz, and Drew Rankin. For more information, call 770-559-1484 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 8-17 Nov. at the Globe Theatre, 2308 Shakespeare Rd, Shakespeare Rd, Odessa, TX. Directed by Carl Moore. Call 432-332-1586 or 432-580-3177, or check the website.

    The Last Yankee at The Group Theatre Too
  • The Last Yankee 13-17 Nov. as part of The Group Theatre Too’s Quick Curtains series, at Hudson Guild Theater, 441 West 26th Street, New York, NY. One in a collection of five one-act plays that also include Tennessee Williams’ The Case of the Crushed Petunias and Adam and Eve on a Ferry, and William Inge’s The Rainy Afternoon. Yankee is directed by Eddy Francisco with Ben Prayz and Nathan Myers. Ian Smith acts as scenic/lighting designer for all five one-acts. Check their website for tickets.
  • All My Sons 7-16 Nov. by Theatre Intime at the Hamilton-Murray Theatre, Princeton University, NJ. Directed by Oge Ude, with Jordan Adelson, Uchechi Kalu, Nadia Diamond, Charlie Baker and Peter Giovine. For tickets go to www.princeton.edu/utickets or call 609-258-5155. For additional information, go to the website.
  • The Crucible 18 Oct.-10 Nov. by Houston Family Arts Center, on Garza Main Stage, 10760 Grant Road, Houston, Texas. Directed by Lisa Garza. Call 281-685-6374 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 7-10 Nov. by Neumann University Players, at Meagher Theatre, Neumann University Life Center, Aston, PA. Directed by Brian Kavanagh, with Joseph Dempsey,  Kerry Bunnell, Nate Jones, Alisha Mulhern, Christopher Ullrich, and Andrew Hughes. Scenic design by Brian Kavanagh. Call 610.361.5455 or check the website.

    Scenes from Death of a Salesman by TheatreWorks
  • Death of a Salesman 24 Oct.-10 Nov. by TheatreWorks, at Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater, 3955 Regent Circle, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, CO. Directed by Murray Ross, with Josh Sienkiewicz, Christopher Lowell, Tom Paradise, Jesse Wilson and Sue Bachman. Call 255-3232 or check the website.
  • Broken Glass 16 Oct.-10 Nov. by North Coast Rep, 987 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA. Directed by Rosina Reynolds, with Elaine Rivkin, David Ellenstein, and Ralph Elias. Set design by Marty Burnett. Call (858) 481-1055 or check the website.

    broken2013northcoastretheatrewelaineRivkinandDavid Ellenstein
    Broken Glass by North Coast Repertory Theatre with Elaine Rivkin and David Ellens
  • The Crucible 8-9 Nov.by Stage Fright, Chatfield Theatre at the University of Chester Church of England Academy in Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port, UK. Call 0151 339 4601 or check this website for tickets, or check out the group’s website.
  • The Price (Tsena) 7 Nov. at Mayakovsky Theater, small stage, Moscow, Russia. Directed by Leonid Kheifets. Check the website.
  • All My Sons 25 Oct.-9 Nov.by Schoolcraft College, 18600 Haggerty Road, Livonia, MI. Call 734-462-4400, ext. 5270, or check the website for more information. (To be performed as dinner theater!).
  • The Crucible 25 Oct.-3 Nov. by College of the Siskiyous, COS Kenneth Ford Theater, Weed, CA.  Directed Neil Carpentier-Alting (also did set design), with Katrina Stringari, LeAnn Gosmeyer, Ryder Kole Emerson, Kale Coppin, and Josh Nile. Call 530-938-5373 or check the website.

     Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
  • The Crucible 25 Oct.-3 Nov. by Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and Xavier University’s Department of Music & Theatre. Directed by Brian Isaac Phillips, with Stephen Skiles, Sara Clark, Kelly Mengelkoch, Brent Vimtrup, and Bruce Cromer. Call 513-381-2273 or check the website.

    Scenes from The Crucible by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
  • The Crucible 24 Oct.-3 Nov. by Theater Erindale, at University of Toronto Mississauga, 3359 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada. Directed by Aaron Willis. Set design by Peter Urbanek. Call 905-569-4369 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 31 Oct.-2 Nov. by Wheeling Jesuit University, 316 Washington Ave, Wheeling, WV. With Tyler Menzler, Sarah Sleevi, Sean Shields, Jessica Pontic, Samantha Harrington and Si Gammache. Call 243-2095 for information or visit the Wheeling Jesuit Performing Arts Department on Facebook. Free: Outdoor production.
  • A View from the Bridge 18-27 Oct. by Merced College at Mariposa County Park Amphitheater Onstage, CA. Directed by Fred Friedland, with Robert Whitford, Matty Elliot, Kylie Bazinet, Alan Bettencourt, Ryan Searcy and Joe Coho. Tickets may be purchased at Mariposa Shipping and the Mariposa County Arts Council, both located on Highway 140, or at Merced College Bookstore, Merced College Community Services office, Peraino’s Jewelers and Gottschalk Music Center.
  • Death of a Salesman 20 Sept. – 20 Oct. by Denver Center Theatre Company in The Space Theatre, Denver, CO. Directed by Anthony Powell, with Mike Hartman, Lauren klein, John-Patrick Hayden, and Scott McClean. Set designed by Lisa Orzolek. Call 303.893.4100 or check the website.
    salesman2013denver salesman2013denver4 salesman2013denver2

    Denver Center Theatre Company
    salesman2013denver3 salesman2013denver1
  • A View from the Bridge 22-26 Oct. by Potters Bar Theatre Company, at Tilbury Hall, United Reformed Church, in Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, Herts, UK. With Nick Vause, Claire Fisher, Lauren Tryggvason, Bryan Hewitt, and Shahzad Naveed. Call 07985 542204 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 6-26 Oct. by White Rock Players’ Club, 1532 Johnston Road, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. Directed by Ryan Mooney, with Rebekah McEwen, J.C. Roy, Rebecca Strom, Tom Gage, Dann Wilhelm, Mike Busswood, Tim Driscoll, Ken Fynn, Jane Mantle and Dave Carroll. Call 604-536-7535 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 10-27 Oct. by Lost Nation Theater at Montpelier City Hall Auditorium. Directed by Brett Gamboa, with Paul Riopelle, Tim Tavcar, Karli Robertson, Katelyn Manfre, Paul Riopelle, Additional programming is an interactive timeline of the Salem witch trials and of Miller’s creative process, displayed in the auditorium’s gallery space, crafted by Robyn Osiecki, a special program on Robert Ward and his adaptation, and a Q&A with a representative from American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont. Call 802-229-0492 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 17-27 Oct. by Easley Foothills Playhouse, 201 S. 5th St, Easley, SC. Directed by Anna DeVault, with Dave LaPage, Elby Bruce, Bethany Irwin, Chuck Chapman, Alica Weaver, Daniel Graybeal, and Kevin Tribble. Call (864) 855-1817 or check the website.

    sonstalawa2013don warrington
    Don Warrington as Joe Keller in All My Sons by Talawa Theatre Company and the Royal Exchange Theatre
  • All My Sons 25 Sept.-26 Oct. by Talawa Theatre Company and the Royal Exchange Theatre, at Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, UK. Directed by Michael Buffong, with Don Warrington, Doña Croll, Delroy Atkinson, Simon Coombs, Andrea Davy, Roger Griffiths, Kemi-Bo Jacobs, Bethan Mary-James and Chiké Okonkwo. All black production. Call 0845 450 4808, or check the website.
  • The Crucible 26 Sept.-19 Oct. by Salem Theatre Company, 90 Lafayette Street, Salem, MA. Directed by John Fogle, with Rebecca Axelrod, Chuck Baker, Nicole Bauke, Chris Clark, Stephen Cooper, Mark Davis, Kimberly Feener, Linda Goetz, Hazel Grenham, Ariane Grossi, Mitch Kyle, John Melczer, Trudi Olivetti, Craig Owen, David Perkinson, Dave Rich, Chuck Schwager, Julia Short, Alice Sullivan, and Jemma West. Call 866-811-4111, or check the website.
  • Elegy For A Lady, in a double bill with Brian Friel’s The Yalta Game 2-19 Oct.in the Salberg Theatre at Salisbury Playhouse, Malthouse Lane, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK. Directed by Emily Watson Howes, with Ruth Everett and Mark Frost. Set designed by Holly Piggott. Call 01722 320333 or check the website.

    Apron Theater Company
  • Death of a Salesman 10-19 Oct. by The Apron Theatre Company, with Next Stage Arts Project, in Putney, VT. Directed by Carrie Kidd with Arthur Pettee, Jean Devereux Koester, Eric Cutler and Matthew McDougall. Call 802-387-0071 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 3-13 Oct. by Laredo Theatre Guild International at Texas A&M International University, Center for the Fine and Performing Arts Theatre, Laredo, TX. Directed by Vernon Carroll, with Richard Resendez, Karol Batey, Casandra Canales, John Maxstadt, Joshua Goldberg, and Marco Gonzalez. Call 956 319-8610 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 27 Sept. 13 Oct. by Beaverton Civic Theatre, Oregon. Directed by Doreen Lundberg, with Seth Haas, Leticia Maskell, Marina Neal, and Steve Holgate. Call (503) 754-9866 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 3-12 Oct. by Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, Philip Chosky Theater, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. Directed by Tony McKay, with John Garet Stoker, Brian Muller, Taylor Rose, Bridget Peterson, and Mary Nepi. Set design by Jared Patrick Gerbig. Call 412-268-2407 or check the website. (Crucible/CMU trivium: The original John Proctor on Broadway in 1953 was Arthur Kennedy, class of ’34).
  • The Crucible 17 Sept.-13 Oct. by Indiana Repertory Theatre, 140 W. Washington Street
    Indianapolis, IN. Directed by Michael Donald Edwards, with Rob Johansen, Isabel Ellison, Caitlin Collins, Ryan Artzberger, Dennis Grimes, Elizabeth Laidlaw, and Stephen Pickering. Scenic Design by Lee Savage. Call (317) 635-5252 or check the website.

    Scenes from The Crucible by Indiana Repertory Theatre
  • The Crucible 2-6 Oct. by CCM Drama, University of Cinncinati, OH. Directed by Richard Hess, with Laura McCarthy; Anna Stapleton; Connor Lawrence; William Brown; and Christopher Joe Markesbery. Call 513-556-4183, or check the website.
  • The Last Yankee 7 Sept.-5 Oct. (opening 12 Sept.) by Print Room in Notting Hill, London, UK.  Directed by Cathal Cleary, with Andy de la Tour, Paul Hickey, Kika Markham and Matilda Ziegler. Call 020 7221 6036, or check the website for more information (Cleary will revive this production in 2013). 

    Death of a Salesman by South Coast Repertory
  • Death of a Salesman 30 Aug.-29 Sept. by South Coast Repertory, Segerstrom Stage, 655 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA. Directed by Marc Masterson, with Charlie Robinson, Larry Bates, Chris Butler, Gregg Daniel, Celeste Den, Tracey A. Leigh, Tyler Pierce, Kim Staunton, and Tobie Windham. Set design by Michael Raiford. Call (714) 708-5555, or check the website. This production features the Lomans as African-American.

    Death of a Salesman by South Coast Repertory
  • The Crucible 13-29 Sept. by North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre, Greystone Village Shopping Center at 7713-51 Lead Mine Road in Raleigh, NC. Directed by Beth Brody with an all-teen cast, including Liam Yates, Olivia Allen, T.J. Broadhurst, , Douglas Friedman, Joshua Leonard, Michael Mayo, Lydia Nethercutt, and Eilish Urgo. Call (919) 866-0228 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 27-29 Sept. by Damon Runyon Repertory, Runyon Theater, 611 N. Main St. Pueblo, CO. Call 719 564-0579 or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 26-29 Sept. by the Theatre Arts Department in the Casella Theater, Castleton College, VT. Directed by Harry McEnerny. Call 802-468-1119 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 22 Aug-28 Sept. by American Players Theatre, 5950 Golf Course Road, Spring Green, WI. Directed by William Brown, with Jonathan Smoots, Marcus Truschinski, Sarah Day and Kelsey Brennan. Call (608) 588-2361 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 13-22 Sept. by Encore Productions of the Elbert Theatre, 203 Elbert Street inside Elberton City Hall, Elberton, SC. Directed by Bob Larson and assistant director Gail Larson, with Katie Kubas, Travis McElroy, Toni King, Michael Blackston, Charlie Kidd and Patrick Bell. Call 706-283-1049.

    All My Sons by the REP
  • All My Sons 6-22 Sept. by The REP, at Point Park University, 222 Craft Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. Directed by Robert Miller (Arthur Miller’s son), with Philip Winters, Penelope Miller Lindblom, ShaunCameron Hall, Daina Michelle Griffith, and Justin Fortunato. Scenic design by Stephanie Mayer-Staley. Call 412 392 8000, or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 12-21 Sept. by The Secret Theatre, 4402 23rd St. (at 23 St. and 44th Avenue), Long Island City, NY. Directed by Ryan Lee, with Joe Diomede, Rachel Errington, Jeffrey Farber, Derek Flics, Nathaniel French, Gary Hilborn, Lorenzo Landini, Ryan McCarthry, Rachel McKeon, Justin Patrick Mohr, Stephen O’Donnell and Nick Cuttonaro. Set design by Kathryn Lieber. Call 718 392 0722 or check the website.

    The Secret Theatre
  • The Crucible 13-21 Sept. by Zane Trace Players at The Renner. Directed by Bruce Revennaugh, with Ty Kumoroski, Olivia Earich, Rich Tolliver, and Sarah Gantzer. Call (740) 453-8481 or check the website.
  • The Price 10 Aug.-7 Sept. at Circa One, 1 Taranaki Street, Wellington, New Zealand. Directed by Susan Wilson, with Ray Henwood, Gavin Rutherford, Jude Gibson, Christopher Brougham. Set design by John Hodgkins. Call 04 801 7992 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 22 July-5 Sept. by Sterts Theatre Company, at Cornwall’s open air moorland theatre, Sterts, at Upton Cross, UK. Directed by Nigel Croft, with David Kinnair, Emily Mays, Steve Jefferies, Rachel Bradburn, Phillip Blackwell, Lydia Edge, and Peter Woodward. Call (01579) 362382, or check the website.
    view2013pacific2 view2013pacific4

    Scenes from A View from the Bridge by Pacific Resident Theatre
  • A View from the Bridge 22 June-25 August by Pacific Resident Theatre, 703 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA. Directed by Marilyn Fox and Dana Jackson, with Vince Melocchi, Lisa Cirincione, Melissa Weber Bales, Satiar Pourvasei, and Jeff Lorch. Set design by Jeffrey Eisenmann & Staci Walters. Call 310 822 8392 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 31st July-25 Aug. by Mad Cow Theater, in Harriett Theatre, West Church Street, Orlando, FL. Directed by Timothy Williams with Eric Zivot, Robin Olson, Daniel Cooksley, Matt Horohoe. Scenic design by William Elliott. Call 407.297.8788 x1, or check the website.

    Clara by Monroe Community Players, performed at the AACT Fest Festival, with Norb Nowak as Kroll
  • Clara 16-17 Aug. by MCP Underground in Little Theater at Monroe County Community College Campbell Learning Resource Center Building C, 1555 S. Raisinville Rd., Monroe, MI. Directed by Bob Bowman, with Norb Nowak, Alex Carone, Lonny Aldridge, and David P. Wahr. Call 734-241-7900 or check the website. Presented as an encore performance of Monroe Community Player’s 2012 entry in The Community Theatre Association of Michigan’s AACT Fest Festival in which Norb Nowak recieved CTAM’s 2012 “Excellence In Acting” Award for his performance as Albert Kroll.
  • All My Sons 15-17 Aug. by Boston Teen Acting Troupe in Plaza Black Box Theatre, at The Boston Center for The Arts, 527 Tremont Street, Boston, MA. Directed by Jack Serio, with Julia Budde, Angelo Denofrio, Evan Grande, Dustin Kenyon, Kevin Koulopoulos, Amelia McLaughlin, Kevin Paquette, Garrett Sager, Catherine Spino, Liz Stanfield, Emily White. Call 617 933 8600 or check the website for more information.
  • Death of a Salesman 6-10 Aug. by Monomoy Theatre, 776 Main Street, Chatham, MA. Directed by Francesca James, with Terry Layman, Ellen Fiske, Abraham Adams, Thomas Daniels. Call 508-945-1589 or check the website for more information.
  • The Crucible 22 June-3 Aug. by Melbourne Theatre Company, at the Sumner, Southbank Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. Directed by Sam Strong, with David Wenham, Julia Blake, Heather Bolton, Grant Cartwright, Paul English, Anita Hegh, Brian Lipson, Amanda McGregor, John McTernan, Elizabeth Nabben, Sarah Ogden, Naomi Rukavina, Edwina Samuels, Greg Stone, and James Wardlaw. Set and costume design by Dale Ferguson. Call 03 8688 0800 or check the website.

    All My Sons by El Paso Playhouse
  • All My Sons 5-27 July by El Paso Playhouse, 2501 Montanta Ave. El Paso, TX. Directed by Aaron Hernandez with Rick Fitzgerald, Vanessa Keyser, Roger Estrada, and Tammy Partanen. A different post-war era is depicted for each act, with first act 1940s, second mid-’70s, and the early ’90s in the third. Call 915-532-1317 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 24-27 July by Second Thoughts at The Bear Pit, Rother Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK. Directed by Ian McLean. Call 01789 403416 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 19-27 July by State College Community Theatre, at State Theatre, 130 W. College Ave., State College, PA. Directed by Marilyn Knoffsinger, with Jordan Santillo, Luke Miller, Stacy Sublett, and Samuel Reitman. Call 814 272-0606 or check the website.
  • The Enemy of the People 23 May- 13 July at the Gate Theatre, Cavendish Row, Parnell Square, Dublin, Ireland. Directed by Wayne Jordan, with Fiona Bell, Liam Carney, Steve Cash, Declan Conlon, Denis Conway, Siobhan Cullen, Robert Duff, Jill Harding, Bosco Hogan, Mark Huberman, Ronan Leahy, Callum Martin, Barry McGovern, Morgan Moore, Peter O’Byrne, Donncha O’Dea, James O’Donoghue. Set design by Paul O’Mahony. Call or check the website.
  • The Crucible 9 May-7 July by Antaeus Company, 5112 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA. Directed by Armin Shimerman and Geoffrey Wade with an alternating cast: Christopher Guilmet/Bo Foxworth (Proctor), Devon Sorvari/ Kimiko Gelma (Elizabeth), Kate Mahe/ Nicole Erb (Abigail), Shannon Lee Clair /Alexandra Goodman (Mary), Ann Noble/John Prosky (Hale), and Reba Waters Thomas/James Sutorius (Danforth). Scene design Stephen Gifford, and lighting design Bosco Flanagan. Call. (818) 506-1983, or check the website.
  • The Pussycat and the Expert Plumber who was a Man, (Pushi Biral O Ekjon Prokrito Manush) 30 June, translated by Proity Huq for Nagarik Natyangan at the National Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Bangladesh. Directed by Lucky Enam, with Shazu Khadem, Sazzad Reza, Ferdausi Riya, Kanta Zaman, Habib Bahar, Pralay Zaman, Jubayer Hillol and Noman Sharif.
  • The Crucible 14-30 June, by The Harbor Playhouse, 1 Bayfront Park, Corpus Christi, TX. Directed by Daniel Anderson, with Micah Blain, Brittany Falk, Larry Hutchison, Katie Loftin, Nick Wommack, Diana DeHoya, and Pete Lutz. Call 361.888.SHOW (7469) or check the website for information.
  • The Crucible 19-22 June by Woodlands Drama Group at the Harrogate Studio Theater, Oxford Road, Harrogate, UK. Call 01423 502116 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 14-16 June by Right Brain Productions, at ThePlace@TheWoodward on South Main Street, Mount Vernon, OH. Directed by Steven Meeker, with Walker Griggs, Stephanie Fongheiser, Eleni Teegarden, Doug Reitsman, Rachel Downey, Shawn Meeker, and Steven Meeker. Check website for tickets.
  • All My Sons 16 May-16 June by Ross Valley Players in Barn Theatre, Marin Art & Garden Center, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross, CA. Directed by Caroline Altman, with Craig Christiansen, Kristine Ann Lowry, Francis Serpa, and Amber Collins Crane. Set design by Ken Rowland. Call 415 456-9555, or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 24 May-8 June, by Chicago Street Theatre, 154 W. Chicago St., Valparaiso, IN. Directed by Karl Berner and Justin Treasure, with John Larrabee, Heather Chaddock, Dona Henry, Timothy Gleason, Josh Eggleston, and Jim Henry.
    Call 219-464-1636 or check the website.
  • A View from the Bridge 1-8 June by Playhouse2, Newtown Street, Shaw, near Oldham, UK. Directed by Steve Bennett, with Barrie Cottam, Jane Tonge, Ruth Hoyle, John Hoyle, John Tweedie, Jaquie Tweedie, Phil Clegg, Paul Risby and James McKean. Call 01706 840400 or check the website.

    Banner for A View from the Bridge by Wigan Little Theatre
  • A View from the Bridge 15-25 May by Wigan Little Theatre, Crompton Street, Wigan, UK. Directed by Jim Stirrup with Jon Dawson, Tracey Dawson, Joyce Hope, Peter Hall, Niall Wilkinson and Tom Loughlin. Call 01942 242561 or check the website for more information.
    Resurrection Blues late May at Sayeh Hall, in City Theater Complex, Tehran, Iran. Directed by Davud Daneshvar with Daneshvar, Parviz Fallahi, Parisa Moqtadi, Shahriar Rashid-Alipur, Hushang Qavanlu, Reza Emamai and Mojgan Khaleqi.
  • The Price 9-26 May by Eventide Arts on Gertrude Lawrence Stage, at Historic Dennis Union Church, 713 Main Street, Dennis, MA. Directed by Toby Wilson, with Nicholas Dorr and Cynthia Harrington. Call 508-398-8588 or check the website.

    Death of a Salesman by Black Swan State Theatre Company
  • Death of a Salesman 4-25 May by Black Swan State Theatre Company at the Heath Ledger Theatre, Australia. Directed by Adam Mitchell, with John Stanton, Ben O’Toole, Caroline McKenzie and Josh McConville. Set design by Alicia Clements. Call 1300 795 012 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 16-25 May by Kolective Theatre Company at Everyman Theatre, 15 MacCurtain Street, Cork, Ireland. Directed by Sasha Dundjerovic, with Patrick Cronin, James Cronin and Jean van Sinderen-Law. Call 021 450 1673 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman various dates between 20 Jan.-21 April, at the Tata NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai and on May 26, 2013, Sunday, at the St Andrews Theatre, Bandra, Mumbai, India. By Raell Padamsee of ACE Productions. Directed by Alyque Padamsee, with Alyque Padamsee, Neel Tolani, Jim Sarbh, Farid Currim, and Sabira Merchant.
  • The Price 10-18 May The Wyoming County Bicentennial Singers, Warsaw Grange Hall, 177 South Main St., Warsaw, NY. Call (585) 535-0512 or check the website.
  • The Price 12 April-12 May, by Bay Theatre Company, 275 West St. in Annapolis, MD. Directed by Stephen Carpenter, with Nigel Reed, Kathleen Ruttum, Peter Wray, and Conrad Feininger. Set design by Ken Sheets. Call 410-268-1333 or check the website. (Run will be running one week earlier than originally advertised).

    2013PriceBayConrad FeiningerPeter Wray Nigel Reed Kathleen Ruttum
    Scene from The Price by Bay Theatre, with Conrad Feininger, Peter Wray, Nigel Reed, and Kathleen Ruttum
  • All My Sons 27 April-11 May by Newcastle Theatre Company Theatre, 88 De Vitre Street, Lambton,Australia. Directed by Janet Nelson, with Tracey Owens, Alex Jacobs, Howard Rowlinson, Peter Murray, and Amy Wilde. Call: 49524958 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 3-12- May by Rhode Island Stage Ensemble (RISE), Assembly Hall, Harrisville, RI. Directed by David Kane with Candice Sampson, and Sean Burns. Call (401) 441-5011 or check the website.

    arkansasrepsalesman2013Craig Maravich as Happy, Avery Clark as Biff, Robert Walden as Willy and Carolyn Mignini as Linda.
    Death of a Salesman at Arkansas Repertory Theater with Craig Maravich as Happy, Avery Clark as Biff, Robert Walden as Willy and Carolyn Mignini as Linda
  • Death of a Salesman 24 April-12 May by Arkansas Repertory Theater Directed by Bob Hupp, with Robert Walden, Carolyn Mignini, Avery Clark, and Craig Maravich. Set design by Mike Nichols. Call (501) 378-0405, or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 3-4 May by The Palace Players, 19 Utica Street, Hamilton, NY. Directed by Alessandro Trinca, with Rick Signorelli Linda Laporte-Stoodley, Nick Preuninger, and Sean McNichol. Call 315-824-1420 or check the website.
  • Broken Glass 2-4 May by Williams Theater in the Adams Memorial Theater, Williamstown, MA. Directed by David Eppel, with John Chandler Hawthorne, Alex Foucault, and Elizabeth Stern. Set design by Cate McCrea. Call (413) 597-2425 or check the website.

    Broken Glass by Williams Theatre
  • Enemy of the People 23-28 April by Ithaca College Theater at Hoerner Theater in Dillingham Center, Ithaca, NY. Directed by Robert Moss, with Dan Berlingeri. Call (607) 274-3224, or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 19-28 April, by Toledo Repertoire Theatre, 16 10th Street, Toledo, OH. Directed by F. Scott Regan, with Michael Searle. Call (419) 243-9277 or check the website. The roles of Biff and Happy will be played with double actors—young and older.

    Death of a Salesman by Toledo Repertoire Theatre
  • All My Sons 22-27 by Hebden Bridge Little Theatre, Holme Street, Hebden Bridge, UK. Directed by Vaughn Leslie. Call 01422 843907 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 12-27 April by Kent County Theatre Guild, at Patchwork Playhouse, 140 Roosevelt Ave., Dover, Delaware. Directed by John Muller, with Steve Caporiccio, Brandon Twilley, Patti Gatto, Samantha Simpson, Will McVey, Dennis McGeady, Terri Thompson, Mike Polo, Joanne Moran and Dylan Moran. Call (800) 838-3006 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 19-21 April, by American International College, in Ester B. Griswold Theater, 1000 State Street, Springfield, MA. Directed by Frank Borrelli, with Brian Wheeler. Check the website for more details. Performances are free.
  • Death of a Salesman 11-21 April by Richmond Hill Players at Barn Theater, Geneseo. Directed by with James Fairchild, with James Driscoll, Dana Moss-Peterson, Bill Hudson, Jackie Skiles, Nathan Johnson, Ann Keeney-Grafft, Stacey McKean-Herrick, Justin Raver, Bruce Carmen, Bryan Woods, Josh LeFebvre, Colona and Molly McLaughlin. Set design by Mike Skiles. Call 309-944-2244 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 12-20 April by Lake Superior Community Theater, at William Kelley High School, 137 Banks Blvd., Silver Bay, MN. Directed by Paul Deaner, with George Starkovich. Call 218 220 0682 or check the website.
  • Elegy for Lady 14-15 April by Fishtank Performance Studio, at Birdies, 116 West 18th Street, Kansas City, MO. Directed by Heidi Van, with Peregrine Honig, and Bob Paisley. Same production appeared earlier this month in a more traditional staging at the American Dreams Theatre Festival in Uppsala, Sweden. This production is being presented in a local lingerie store.Check the website for information.
  • “A Six Pack of Miller.” 2-14 April by Mad Horse Theater Company, at The Hutchins School, 24 Mosher Street, South Portland, ME 04106. A staged theater reading in rotating repertory of six of Miller’s best known plays. 2-3 April is The Price, 4-5 April is All My Sons, 6-7 April is Death of a Salesman, 9-10 April After the Fall, 11-12 April A View from the Bridge, and 13-14 April The Crucible. Call 207.730.2389 or check the website for more information.  
  • Death of a Salesman 10-14 April by Saginaw Valley State University, Malcolm Field Theatre for Performing Arts, 7400 Bay Kochville, MI. Directed by Steven C. Erickson, with David Ryan, and Eric Lewis Johnson. Call 989-964-4261 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 9-13 April by Catawba College Theatre Department in Hedrick Theatre, Catawba College, 2300 W. Innes Street, Salisbury, NC. Directed by Kurt Corriher, with Eric English, Katie Carpenter, Craig Kolkebeck, and Sydney Berk. Call 704-637-4481, or check the website.

    The Crucible by Tell Tell Theatre
  • The Crucible 10-13 April by Tell Tale Theatre, Roscoe Lane, Static Gallery, Liverpool, UK. Call 0871 220 0260, or check the website.
  • All My Sons 4-13 April by McMurry University Theater Department at Ryan Little Theatre, 1642 Sayles Blvd. at Hunt Street, Abilene, TX. Directed by David Ainsworth, with David Remschel. Call 793-3889, or check the website.
  • The Crucible 11-13- April by Tabor College Theater Department in Lorenz Administration Building, Tabor College, 400 South Jefferson, Hillsboro, KS. Directed by Judy Harder, with Thomas Batista, Andrea Acker, Nolan Dirks, Micah Leake, Allie Jost, Robert Howell, and Kruze Sanders. Call 620-947-3121, ext. 1033, or check the website.
  • The Crucible 3-13 April by The Mask Theatre in St John the Baptist Church, Cathedral Square, Peterborough, UK. Directed by Emma Goldberg, with Carl Perkins, Florence Dalton, Roisin McCay, Saskia Davis, Nick Gibbs, and Tom Fox. Tickets online, or check the theater website.

     Cinnabar Theater
  • The Price 29 March-7 April by Cinnabar Theater, 3333 Petaluma Blvd. North at Skillman Lane,  Directed by Director Sheri Lee Miller, with John Shillington, Madeleine Ashe, Charles Siebert, and Samson Hood. Set design by David Lear. Call 707.763.8920 check the website.

    ThePriceCinabarwCharlesSiebert,samsonhoodjohn shillington2013
    The Price by Cinnabar Theater
  • Death of a Salesman 7- 23 March by Grand Theater, 1575 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT. Call : 801-957-3322 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 8-23 March by The Village Players of Hatboro, 401 Jefferson Ave., Hatboro, PA. Directed by Bob DeMarco, with Amanda Klein, Zach Palmer, Bob Petrik, Christopher Applegate and Bonnie Kapenstein, Matthew Danihel, LeighKaren Labay and Kristen Hannings. Call 215-675-6774 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 1-23 March at The Ridgefield Theater Barn, 37 Halpin Lane, Ridgefield, CT. Directed by Debbie Levin, with Gabriel Gordon, Will Jeffries, Paulette Layton, Chris Luongo, Robyn Mortiboys, Stephen Ross, Eric Schuster, Nancy Sinacori, Alexis Vournazos and Dianna Waller. Call 203.431.9850 or check the website.
  • All My Sons 7-10 March by Windham Theatre Guild in the Burton Leavitt Theatre, 779 Main Street, Willimantic, CT. Call 860-423-2245 or check the website.
  • Death of a Salesman 8-17 March, by Black Arts and Cultural Center at the Epic Theatre, Epic Center, 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, MI. Directed by Buddy Hannah, with Sid Ellis, Marc Wilson, Javon Vincent, and Marian Thornton. Call 269-349-1035 or check the website [all black cast].

    Adobe Theater
  • All My Sons 22 Feb.-17 March at Adobe Theater, 9813 4th St. NW, Albuquerque, NM. Directed by James Cady, with Phil Shortell, Matthew Van Wettering, Lorri Oliver, and Jessica Barkl. Call 505 989 9222 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 12-15 March (Preview 11 March) by North Lake College Theatre, Irving, Texas. Directed by Alice Butler, with Kamen Casey, Andrea Mesa, Inez Gregg, Travis Ashley, and Teddy Harrison.
  • An Enemy of the People 14-24 Feb. by Saint Joseph University’s Theatre Company in the Bluett Theater in Post Hall, Saint Joseph’s University, 5600 City Ave., Philadelphia, PA. Directed by Laura Grace Patillo. Call 610) 660-1181 or check the website.
  • The Crucible 7-23 Feb. by Toy Factory at Drama Centre in Singapore. Directed by Rayann Condy, with Julie Wee, Sharda Harrison, Matt Grey, Timothy Nga, Rodney Oliveiro, Marc Valentine and Jean Toh.
  • Death of a Salesman 18 Jan.-10 Feb. 2013 by Kansas City Repertory Theatre, in Spencer Theatre, 4949 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO. Directed by Eric Rosen. Call 816-235-2700 or check the website.

    Death of a Salesman by Kansas City Repertory Theatre
  • All My Sons 8-26 Jan. Ottawa Little Theatre, Kind Edward Ave., Ottawa, Canada. Directed by Joan Sullivan Eady, with Mike Kennedy, Cheryl Jackson is an effective counterpoint, while Patrick McIntyre, and Anne van Leeuwen. Set design by Tom Pidgeon. Call 613-233-8948 ext. 1, or check the website.